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U.S. racist slurs towards Chinese widespread

By Joanna Law (People's Daily Online)

08:54, March 06, 2012

Making fun of people’s name is insult, and mocking one’s race is racism. Anyone who does so is rude, unprofessional, and disrespectful. But some U.S. media and Americans don’t seem to have this concept. They recklessly use offensive and racist remarks to target on Chinese, regardless the person is in high recognition or in trouble.

One of the incidents focuses on the news about New York City comptroller John Liu, the first Asian American running for mayor in 2013. His name has been on the headlines of many U.S. media due to the FBI’s investigation on Liu’s donation sources. But New York Post has deliberately smeared Liu’s name by using an ethnic slur for its headline saying “The biggest Liu-ser!” It is apparent that readers immediately associated the word “Liu-ser” with loser. New York Post is making fun of Liu’s last name and twisting it into a negative, offensive word targeting to Liu himself. The media used the same term again in another article about Liu, with a headline saying “John’s looking more like Liu-ser everyday”.

Similar incident happened to Jeremy Lin, the famous NBA basketball star. ESPN used the headline “Chink in the armor” for one article on Jeremy Lin. The word “Chink” is a disparaging and insulting remark referring to Chinese. It means to the stereotypical Western image of Chinese as narrow-eyed. ESPN needed to issue a formal apology, and two employees responsible for this statement were punished: one was fired, one suspended.

Shortly after ESPN fired the staff, Ben & Jerry issued a statement apologizing for its “Taste of Lin-sanity’ flavor” yogurt that many customers found offensive. One of its stores sold a yogurt that was marketed as Taste of Lin-sanity’s flavor, with lychee honey and crumbled with fortune cookies. Complaints quickly flooded the store for being stereotyped. Ben & Jerry issued a statement and apologized to customers and emphasized that the company is “proud and honored to have Jeremy Lin” hail from one of the fine universities in the States.

New York City Assemblywoman Grace Meng has also encountered racist treatment when she was dining at a restaurant chain called Boston Market in Queens, New York. According to NY Daily News, Meng said employees there repeatedly referred to her as “la China”. Fluent in Spanish, Meng questioned the staff when paying for the meal. But the staff just simply shrugged. “Whether they were trying to be racist or not — it’s not appropriate,” Meng said. “I was the only customer in there.” Meng’s office confirmed to People’s Daily Online USA that Boston Market has apologized.

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yui at 2012-03-2424.215.200.*
Overseas chinese should definitely return back to serve China whenever possible. Incidents like these should be minimized.
Wong at 2012-03-1124.6.100.*
Why are people surprise? People are racist against Chinese. Accept it, and continue to survive. You will kill yourself if you only care about what other people think. China need to survive, despite the difficulty.
PD User at 2012-03-1024.26.135.*
Are your two hands firmly grasping your hot Chinese babe. If not, then you must be a fag, cause everyone knows Chinese babes are the hottest in the world! It would sure as hell make my day to be married to a hot Chinese babe! jack Smith, USA
PD User at 2012-03-0931.205.21.*
It"s not only the US. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or basically, the whole anglosphere enacted racist legislation against the Chinese at one time.
PD User at 2012-03-09130.65.109.*
all kind of nation"people expect imigrand to the US than to the any other country!

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