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Beijing issues "ID cards" to cultural relics

(Beijing Daily)

16:04, March 05, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Beijing recently dispatched 1,000 cultural relic safety supervisors to check and register cultural relics, which makes Beijing the first city that sets up protective marks for cultural relics.

These 1,000 supervisors will report in a timely manner if any relic is found damaged.

As an ancient capital city, Beijing totally has 3,840 immovable cultural relics, including more than 2,800 registered relics that scatter in districts and counties. However, these precious relics cannot get sufficient protection because there are less than 100 professional guarding personnel to protect them.

Kong Fanzhi, director of Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage said that, safety supervision and management personnel are often weak in power because of numerous constructions, development and a variety of vandalism, coupled with the dispersing location of the immovable cultural relics. National, municipal and district level cultural relics are protected under certain regulations, but some are still subject to vandalism on account of lacking “ID card”.

To change the embarrassing situation, 16 districts in Beijing have started to label registered relics with metal nameplates.


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