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Discovering the Chess District in Manhattan

By Joanna Law (People's Daily Online)

15:45, March 01, 2012

Chess players know where to go in New York City. Located in Lower Manhattan, Greenwich Village is known as the Chess District, which is a hidden gem for the world chess champions, chess prodigies, chess fans, and chess set collectors.

“[Garry] Kasparov has been in here and a few international chess players, too. They are all very good players,” said Lisa Capone, the co-owner of the Chess Forum in the district. Celebrities would come to the shop through out the year to purchase chess sets, she said.

Thompson Street and its neighborhood in Greenwich Village have a couple of chess shops. The Chess Forum is one of them. Directly across the street has another one called the Village Chess Shop, which has been around for more than 42 years. These shops always keep an open door and welcome anyone who comes in to play or even just linger around and watch the games. While the Chess Forum stays open until 2am, the Village Chess Shop opens 24 hours.

"They can play long periods of time,” Capone said. “They can play all day. Many of the players will arrive late in the day and stay until midnight."

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Tom Jing at 2012-03-04208.120.144.*
Please visit New York"s Mei Tung Chinese Chess Association. They play real Chinese Chess and compete with other Chinese in North America. They also build friendships as they were Chinese from different Providences whom were born in China.
rich tung at 2012-03-04208.120.144.*
Village is for gay people and NYU students.You should go down to Canal and Mott Street where the center of Chinatown is. Did you know that New York"s Chinatown grew and grew and almost swallow the whole Little Italy? No other town is as big. Not Korean town, not little Brazilian town, not Indian town. Manhattan"s chinatown is huge. The are two in Brooklyn, NY and more are developing at 18th ave and 65th st. There Chinese town in Queens, NY. So far in the borough of Bronx and Staten Island is not noticeable of such town.Still you should write about how Chinatown"s food compared to native China"s food. Talking about food, do you know what is the most expensive Chinese food? Would it be cordycept or the famous bird"s nest soup?

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