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For the ages

By Liu Wei (China Daily)

17:09, February 25, 2012

Ann Hui is not afraid of getting old and enjoys making movies about the "graying generation". Jiang Dong / China Daily

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At 65, Hong Kong director Ann Hui discovers growing old offers new freedoms. Liu Wei reports.

Hong Kong director Ann Hui, 65, still covers her mouth with her hands like a teenage girl when she laughs. She is not pretty but surely is impressive, with very her short bob, blue-rimmed glasses, all-black outfit and red sneakers. "I have eight pairs of Converse shoes - red, green, silver and peach," she says. "As an old woman I don't expect to look gorgeous, but I hope I at least don't look bad." Hui's latest film, A Simple Life, which earned the best actress award at last year's Venice International Film Festival, focuses on an old woman's final two years in a retirement home.

Hui has completed many films in her 30-year career, but her best known characters remain "old women" - such roles as May Sun in Woman Forty, Mrs Cheung in The Way We Are and Ah Tao in A Simple Life.

These roles earned the actresses awards - two for Deanie Ip in A Simple Life, in Venice, and at Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards, which is known as the Asian Academy Awards. She has been nominated again for April's Hong Kong Film Festival.

Many say Hui is courageous to make films about old women, because China's box office has proven audiences prefer to see handsome young men and pretty women.

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