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Czech Embassy hosts Chinese art exhibition

By Zheng Qingting (People's Daily Online)

18:42, December 19, 2011

At the opening ceremony of the art exhibition, Libor Secka, Czech ambassador in China (left), a representative of Skoda Auto (middle), and Chinese artist Yin Dingcai are present.(People's Daily Online/Zheng Qingting)

As a part of the Czech Embassy art cultural program, an opening ceremony for Chinese Artist Yin Dingcai's Exhibition "Transformation in Time, Transformation in Substance" was held at the Czech Embassy in Beijing on Dec. 16, 2011.

Chinese classical music and Czech Christmas songs were played by a Chinese erhu player in the event.

Libor Secka, Czech ambassador in China, hosted the opening ceremony and delivered a brief address, during which he heartily expressed his great fondness of Yin’s works and wished the exhibition a great Christmas gift for all friends of the embassy .

Secka said in the preface to Yin's art brochure, "Everything that emerges around Yin Dingcai emerges in a somehow special silence. His works do not want to drown out anything or anyone. They contain in themselves the humility and gentleness of their author ... Yin Dingcai inspects the world with understanding, with respect to its laws as well as its peculiarities. His artistic expression deserves attention. It is dominated by purity and pursuit of depth, just like the life of the painter. "

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