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Family Day held in UCCA

By Yao Chun (People's Daily Online)

15:43, December 19, 2011

A group photo of artists with staff of UCCA in front of the finished work "mega mural". (People's Daily Online/Yao Chun)

Beijing, Dec.19 --The fifth Family Day of the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art was held on Dec. 17. This half-day parent-child interactive activity contained two parts.

The first part was called Mega Mural, in which artists Eltono and Sierra Forest created an interactive "mega mural." Kids were invited to play at a series of stations to determine the color, shape and location of the board and then painted on the wall. Finally, a colorful randomly generated abstract mural was created.

The second part was called Making The Dinosaur Live. In this event, animation director Liu Jian and his son (and sometimes creative collaborator) Da Le led kids and parents in making a short film featuring UCCA's iconic, brightly-colored dinosaurs. Through the magic of animation, they watched these prehistoric creatures come to life.

"Through this activity my child has enlarged her views and acquired more knowledge. She really enjoyed it." A mother said after the activity.

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