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China's alpine skiing struggles in difficulties


13:59, December 12, 2011

CHANGCHUN, China, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) -- Although China pocketed a gold in the 2011/2012 FIS Alpine Ski Race China leg concluded in here on Saturday, the sport still remains underdeveloped in the most populous country.

"The top Japanese and the South Korean skiers are absent in this race, so we were actually competing in a close game," Xia Lina, who finished on top in the women's giant slalom, grabbed the only gold for China in the tournament.

"The Chinese alpine skiers might not acquire Olympic medals in the next decade, considering the great gap between us and the top racers in the world," Gao Xuedong, an official of the National Sports Bureau, told Xinhua.

Alpine skiing was introduced to China in the third Asian Winter Games which was held in northeast Chinese Harbin City in 1996. Since then the number of the ski fields had risen from 10 to more than 400 in China.

However, the promotion of the sport in China failed to match the fast development of the facilities. Till now, the numeber of registered Chinese alpine skiers is just around 100, among who only a few have the potential to shine in continental tournaments, let alone in the international arenas

The fourth place of the Winter Olympics is the best result for Asian alpine skiers, which was snatched by the Japanese skier.

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