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LA to recruit exchange students

(Global Times)

10:47, December 06, 2011

The city of Los Angeles will be the largest in the US to join the "100K Strong Initiative," a program launched by US leaders to promote student exchanges between the US and China, said the city's mayor at a press conference in Beijing on Monday.

Next year, the city will send students from poor communities to China, said mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. He said the number of students hasn't been decided.

In a city like Los Angeles, with multiple cultures and ethnic groups, it's important young people learn Chinese, said Villaraigosa. About 46 percent of the city's population is foreign born.

Currently, the number of Chinese students in the US is 600 times that of their American peers in China, he said.

The mayor said he hopes American students not only learn Chinese, but also visit China to learn Chinese culture and to debate and create new ideas, which is critical for China and the US to have good relations.

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