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Oh deer, I think I love you

(China Daily)

11:13, December 03, 2011

Long Hair the ram and Chunzi the doe share an intimate moment. Provided to China Daily

KUNMING - It was a Friday morning and two lovers were going through a heart-searing breakup.

As he was being dragged away from his lover, he became furious and banged on the fence separating them, trying to get close to her again.

She was equally desperate, and with all her efforts squeezed through the fence and rushed to him.

A sweet kiss followed.

No, this was not a passionate Romeo-and-Juliet love scene.

In fact, the couple is not even human. He is a two-year-old ram, she a three-year-old doe. They have been living together in the Yunnan Wild Animal Park.

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Stana Fio at 2011-12-0646.115.21.*
This is such a romantic true story ... I love You, China ! ONly by you could have happen something like this and only oru newspaper could have got such a sweet, touching , full of good heart and good opinion about Love , article !

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