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Aussie black-belt hosts travel show

By Xu Wei (Shanghai Daily)

09:24, November 29, 2011

Australian Cameron Andersen (center) takes rigid trainings at Shaolin Temple in Henan Province.

In 2008 Australian Cameron Andersen was practicing international law in Shanghai when he was spotted as a TV natural by the producer of "Getaway." He was then invited as a guest for the 30-minute travel show on International Channel Shanghai, or ICS, which is seen nationwide and overseas.

Not only was he funny, smart, versatile and poised, he also spoke fluent Mandarin and Shanghainese, and that clinched it. He sings and raps in Chinese and does break-dancing and free-style Latin dance, but not on the show. He's also a martial arts practitioner, and viewers can sometimes watch him demonstrating his skills on the travel show.

Today Andersen, 29, is still the regular host of "Getaway."

"TV was absolutely a big decision for me, a huge departure from my former profession and life. But I am a person who love to succeed at the many things I dream of," he says.

Andersen quit the law and got some practical TV training. The global financial crisis hit in 2008 but Andersen says that's not the reason he left law (he worked at a local firm), though many foreign firms reduced staff or packed up and left. He left for the opportunity and challenge, and the crisis confirmed he had made the right decision.

Many of his screen journeys are fun and inspiring adventures, offering both expats and Chinese some fresh perspectives.

Andersen, who has lived in Shanghai for six years, has given himself a Chinese name - An Long - An from his surname, and Long meaning dragon.

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