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Versace line for H&M

By Samantha Critchell  (Shanghai Daily)

17:08, November 18, 2011

From her ultra-blond hair to her super-high heels, Donatella Versace uses every inch of her being to embrace glamor, and she wasn't going to put the Versace name on anything - and certainly not a collection for global fast-fashion retailer H&M - that didn't do the same.

The 43 looks in the H&M collection, which hits stores around the world yesterday were designed with these provocative young ladies in mind.

The clothes that debuted Tuesday night on the catwalk lived up to the hype surrounding the limited-edition collection as well as Versace's own glitzy standards: There was a metallic disco dress, a studded leather bomber jacket and an animal-print-meets-tropical-sunset tank dress for women; and a hot-pink suit, studded tuxedo-style shorts and a palm-tree, second-skirt T-shirt for men.

The runway at the huge and historic Pier 57 in Manhattan's Meatpacking District attracted a crowd that included Blake Lively, Uma Thurman and Jessica Alba. Nicki Minaj and Prince took their front-row seats, and then emerged on stage at the after-party that recreated a Miami nightclub. Minaj did swap the green feather fascinator she wore to the show for a crystal-covered trucker hat when it came time to perform.

"She's a legend. She's amazing," Minaj said of Versace on the red carpet.

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