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Beijing opera class marks 107th anniversary

(People's Daily Online)

10:36, November 08, 2011

Beijing, Nov.8 (People's Daily Online) --A series of commemorative activities for the 107th anniversary of the Fuliancheng Association, a professional Beijing opera training class, started in Beijing in November.

The Fuliancheng Association, founded in 1904 and dissolved in 1948, is the most influential professional Beijing Opera training class. It has cultivated the most professional talents and remained open the longest.

It witnessed the most glorious times of Beijing opera and is the most outstanding educational institution for teaching the traditional art form.

The commemorative activities of the Fuliancheng Association were organized by the Beijing Opera and Kun Opera office of the CPPCC, The Central Committee of the Communist Young League as well as Chinese Dramatists Association and operated by Beijing Peking Opera Theatre and Beijing Foreign Studies University.

As an important part of commemorating the 100th anniversary of 1911 Revolution in the culture and arts arena, commemorative activities for the 107th anniversary of Fuliancheng Association will recall the great contribution of the professional Beijing opera training class and pursue the cultural bond and spiritual link between the mainland and Taiwan as well as overseas Chinese.

A picture album of the Fuliancheng Association will be published in both English and Chinese at the end of this year, and a documentary titled "Fuliancheng" by CCTV is scheduled to air following commemorative activities of the Fuliancheng Association. In addition, excellent performances will also be held for Chinese opera fans and mass audiences.(Ma Xi)

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