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2011 Western Hill Tourism Festival Launched

(People's Daily Online)

16:30, September 23, 2011

Sui Zhenjiang, acting administrator of Haidian District, announces the opening of the 2011 Western Hill Tourism Festival. (Wang Jinxue/People's Daily Online)

On Sept. 23, the opening ceremony of the 2011 Western Hills Tourism Festival was launched at the Old Summer Palace in Beijing. The festival will last for more than one month until Oct. 28.

The festival has different activities planned under the theme: “Western Hills, Leisure Life.” The activities include “Treasure Hunt in the Western Hills,” “Bicycle Riding” and a “Nordic Hiking Camp”.

During the opening ceremony, the premiere ceremony of the Western Hills Rambling is also launched. Famous scholars and experts are invited to deliver keynote speeches on culture of Western Hills.

Western Hills in Haidian is home to royal gardens, natural scenery, temples, celebrity sites and orchards. Tourists can take part in activities of entertainment, health, fitness and culture exploration.

Besides, there are also many featured activities during the festival, such as the Red Autumn Leaves Festival at Xiangshan Park and Baiwangshan Park; the Mountain-Climbing Festival at Phoenix Ridge Park and Jiufeng Forest Park; Gingko Leaves Festival at Dajue Temple; Osmanthus Blossom Show at the Summer Palace.

Tourists can log on the official Weibo of Haidian Tourism Bureau and upload their travel stories and photos. Rewards will be given by the organizers for outstanding works. (Wang Jinxue)

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