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Chinese rank eighth among world's best tourists

(Global Times)

10:39, September 19, 2011

The Chinese now rank eighth among the world's best tourists, according to a report recently published by a CNN travel and lifestyle website.

According to the list from, Chilean tourists placed first, followed by the Germans, Americans, Swedes, Japanese, Italians, Australians, Chinese, English and Canadians.

The report said that Chinese people enjoy eating traditional food made by local people wherever they visit.

It also said that although Chinese people sometimes carve their names on historic sites and smoke cigarettes wherever they go, they are still seen in a positive light, as they are generous spenders even when the world is still dealing with an economic depression.

According to the Hong Kong-based Sing Tao News, in another report Chinese tourists ranked third from the bottom in a tourist study conducted by the Europe hospitality industry in 2007 in which Japanese tourists topped the list.

Liao Jing, a 23-year-old woman from Jiangxi Province, who traveled to Britain in 2007, told the Global Times on Sunday that most Chinese people are well-behaved when traveling abroad as they do not talk loud in public places.

"The fixed notion of the Chinese has given foreigners a bad impression, but now most of us are doing well. I think Chinese tourists have come a long way," Liao said.

Chileans were said to be true travelers as they never complain and are able to just enjoy the journey, however it was also said that they could be too easy-going.

Canadian tourists, who placed 10th on the list, were praised for being polite and not speaking loud. To draw a clear line between their southern neighbors, the list also revealed that Canadians take advantage of every chance they have to declare themselves as not Americans because they think they may be blamed for the war in Iraq, global warming, and other important issues.

Another interesting note about Canadians, the report went on to say, is that they usually have the maple leaf from their national flag sewn either on their backpacks, hats, T-shirts, and sometimes even their underwear.

The Germans, who placed second, were said to be friendly, polite, and possess an inherent love for outdoor activities.


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urabus at 2011-09-19203.97.220.*
It is very pleasing to see Chinese tourists reputation has improved over the recent years. This is part of China`s soft power. No matter inside or outside China the people must show goodcivic consciousness, common courtesy, well mannered,has natural affection,friendly and helpful. Of course, no one likes to be taken advantage of at times so be assertive and not aggressive toward others. Been arrogance is not the way to go.

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