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New entertainment restrictions (2)

(Global Times)

10:23, September 14, 2011

Tough restrictions

Happy Camp and Day Day Up, the two programs, which have come under question on Hunan TV – a station popular with youngsters for its entertainment content, both aired past episodes rather than new ones, which, according to Zhang Huali, deputy manager of Hunan TV, was because of technical mistakes, reported, one of China's largest portal websites.

"We want to apologize to our audiences because we had the two programs replayed after we made some technical mistakes," Zhang said on his verified microblog on Sina Weibo on August 19.

But this statement has hardly convinced netizens, who pointed out that technical mistakes would not take long to be solved since the two programs were not aired on the same day.

Furthermore, the previews of both programs were not aired by Hunan TV, which meant it already knew the latest performances would be suspended that week, according to

In fact, Happy Camp was going to broadcast a pre-recorded program that had interviews with Lady Gaga, currently one of the most influential pop singers in Western music, and Aaron Kwok, a famous singer and actor from Hong Kong, but the program was temporarily removed, according to a Hunan TV staff member, reported.

"The new program was temporarily removed because it did not follow the instructions made by SARFT, which ordered that any programs involving foreign artists, or artists from Taiwan and Hong Kong should not be broadcast," Wumeishi, a TV planning and entertainment commentator, said on his verified Sina microblog.

A staff member from Hunan TV confirmed Wumeishi's statement by saying that SARFT has punished all Hunan TV staff members including its chief for not following the instructions, reported.

However, the issues behind the Day Day Up program were unknown.

The two programs both included new performances in its latest shows, but content involving overseas artists were not shown.

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