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Chinese translations often drop tricky references (2)

(China Daily)

09:27, August 19, 2011

The Peking University professor of Spanish says this is in deference to his readers, who, he believes, would want to pick up a translated work because "they'd like to taste some thing 'foreign'" in the first place.

He has tried to avoid using Chinese idioms that are too culture-specific. He has recast the puns in the original, in Chinese.

In the parts where Marquez is paying a tribute to his eminent predecessor poets, Fan tries to replicate the original form of the lines, in Chinese.

Of course, such strict adherence to the original structure works only up to a point. For instance, "sentences in the Spanish text have too many subordinate clauses, which will be weird to read in Chinese," Fan says.

That's when he flips for a smooth flow of the text over "loyalty" to the original.

At the end of the day, as Li Jihong says, "A translation is not the original work. It has its own function and destiny."

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Chinese translations often drop tricky references

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