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How to store foods in refrigerator and freezer

(People's Daily Online)

14:01, July 26, 2012

(Photo from file)

Edited and translated by Du Mingming, People's Daily Online

Fresh in-shell eggs: 30 to 60 days
Hard-cooked eggs: six to seven days
Milk: five to six days
Yogurt: seven to 10 days
Canned foods: 360 days (not opened)
Peanut butter, sesame butter: 90 days (opened)
Coffee: 14 days (opened)
Apple: seven to 12 days
Orange: seven days
Pear: one to two days
Tomato: 12 days
Spinach: three to five days
Carrot, celery: seven to 14 days
Leftovers: three days (not eaten)
Other fruits and vegetables: one week at most
Sauce: two months

Fish: one to two days (in refrigerator), 90 to 180 days (in freezer)
Beef: one to two days (in refrigerator), 90 days (in freezer)
Streaks: two to three days (in refrigerator), 270 days (in freezer)
Sausage: nine days (in refrigerator), 60 days (in freezer)
Chicken: two to three days (in refrigerator), 360 days (in freezer)

Read the Chinese version: 夏季食物易变质 冰箱囤货如何保鲜


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