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Cupping cures mosquito bites

(People's Daily Online)

13:34, June 04, 2012

Edited and translated by Li Qian, People's Daily Online

In summer, we're often bitten by mosquitoes. What trouble us most are the bites of black mosquitoes. Last year, my grandchild was bitten by it, and then I used the smallest cupping device to pull the bite and put some iodine. On the next day, it recovered.


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it"s fat. everything is fried in asia. I was wnhaticg a documentary about food in vietnam and they fried everything. it"s best to adopt a japanese diet. raw fish never been better!but don"t bother with numbers on the scale. how much do you weigh few days after weighing? do you really lose all that fat during this time? I don"t think you put on any significant weight after eating chinese. how much, a pound? if that"s so, you ate a pound of fat and calories that you didn"t burn. did you really eat that much? this is the reason I hate when people rely on scales. all that weight could be from the liquids you drank that day. you need to look at fat on your stomach instead of those numbers.

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