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Despite claims, China's economy will stay on track

By Qiao Xinsheng (Global Times)

16:58, August 12, 2011

The U.K.-based Daily Telegraph published a commentary on July 29 asserting that the high-speed rail accident in Wenzhou is a prelude to the derailment of China's economic miracle. Some overseas media agencies showed no sympathy in the wake of the accident and even were unwilling to make analysis based on facts. Instead, they have drained their accumulated dissatisfactions and jealousy over China to smear the country. This showed their narrow minds and poor vision.

Cyclists all know that a bicycle will fall without maintaining a certain speed. China is currently at the early stage of industrialization and has continued to overcome difficulties in the process of progress. China has shifted the priority of its development "from efficiency to fairness" in order to create more job opportunities and improve comprehensive public benefits.

China has drawn particular attention to the adjustments to its development strategy over recent years by stressing the ideas of putting the people and production safety first. If some ignore or pretend to neglect the aforementioned facts and insist that the high-speed rail accident is not only an epitome of China's economic and social problems but also a prelude to the "derailment" of China's economy, they have either irrational thinking or other intentions.

If they have to use the term of "economic derailment" to describe China, they had better check whether the economic trains of the west are running steadily on the rails. In the initial development stage of the Western market economy a great number of sweatshops once appeared and safety accidents occurred frequently. Yet even in the post-industrialization era, Western capitalist countries still face various problems.

Recently, the U.S. credit rating was downgraded and it led to great turbulence in global stock markets, and many U.K. cities are also having riots. All of these indicate that Western economic and social trains also derail and even turn over, and the results may be even more serious.

The metaphor of China derailing economically seems like a warning given by the West to China. But actually, it reflects how those that are issuing warnings think of China. It seems they always expect that something could happen in China so that they could find some ammunition against China. This kind of attitude has made them lose the ability to comprehensively examine China. They have fallen into a circumstance where it is hard to find problems of China, and that is bothering them quite badly.

In fact, various voices predicting China's economic decline have never stopped emerging. Somebody even has given the precise year for China's decline, like a smart fortune-teller. As soon as one group of such voices is refuted by facts, another rises to take its place. Why are they so tireless and what is their aim?

China's remarkable economic progress over the past 30 years has shown the falseness of many negative predictions and has repeatedly proven that it is impractical to use Western logic on politics and economy to make predictions about China. However, certain Westerners may not want to accept this fact. It is certain that Western people will make new negative predictions about China because they are unwilling to accept China's rising role in the world.

Sour grapes are predictable and understandable as China surpasses one developed country after another in terms economy. China is gradually developing the awareness of being a major economic power and will take a calm attitude toward various strange statements and criticism.

Certain Western journalists who have been paying special attention to Chinese affairs should change their biased attitudes and stop making illogical statements. They should provide objective coverage of disasters on humanitarian and compassionate ground, and should not have ulterior motives in covering disasters. Otherwise, they not only violate the universal values they advocate but also expose their lack of a sense of justice.


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