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US debt crisis leaves China three major difficulties

(People's Daily Online)

13:23, August 11, 2011

The first-ever downgrade of the U.S. sovereign credit rating from the highest level of AAA has triggered a chain reaction across the world, with radical fluctuations in the financial market, stock market slumps and gold price surges.

Industry insiders said that China is facing many difficulties when dealing with the current financial storm, including possible shrinkage of China's foreign exchange assets, an impact on exports and higher imported inflationary pressure. China needs to take into account the difficulties and adopt countermeasures.

Fall in U.S. dollar-denominated asset values

The downgrade of the U.S. debt credit rating and falling U.S. debt value will first lead to shrinkage in China's foreign exchange assets.

Liu Yuhui, director at the Financial Research Lab of the Financial Institute under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that as about two-thirds of China's foreign exchange reserves are U.S. dollar-denominated and China is the largest creditor country of the United States, China's U.S. dollar-denominated asset values will likely drop.

There has been no intensive U.S. debt sell-off in the market, meaning that the impact of the crisis has been so far limited to the psychological expectations for the market, leading to the stock market slumps on Aug. 7. As various sides have sent out positive information helping stabilize the market, investors' sentiment has somewhat calmed down.

"The current largest holder of the U.S. debt is the Federal Reserve, followed by China, Japan and the United Kingdom. The political heads of the official institutions have relatively strong coordination capacities. In fact, no official institutions have recklessly cut their U.S. debt holdings, and major holders are continuing to increase their holdings. No debt markets in the world other than the U.S. debt market can meet the demand for the huge amount of increase in official foreign exchange reserves. Such a stable structure has eased the intensive sell-off pressure."

Affecting China's export and shipping negatively

Analysts said that since it is hard for the U.S. economy to rise again, China's import and export enterprises will probably face various difficult environments, such as persistently-weak overseas market demand, exchange rate appreciation and increasing foreign trade friction, in the next few years. China's export trade will also inevitably be affected.

Ma Jun, chief economist for the Greater China region of the Deutsche Bank, believes that the downgrade of the U.S. sovereign debt rating will negatively affect China's economy, especially China's export, shipping and bulk commodity industries.

Some insiders predict that the Unites States may require China to further open its markets and keep pressing China for RMB appreciation. In order to protect the domestic economy, the trade protectionism may rise in the United States, and the United States may adopt such measures as increasing taxes and setting trade barriers to control exports from China and suppress China's export enterprises.

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Jack Smith, USA at 2011-09-0724.26.135.*
The sad fact is that the U.S., controlled by its Exploitive Class, will never repay China the money loaned it. The American Exploitive Class committed treason against the American people and theft against the Chinese people. It is a treacherous and criminal element emboldened by its lack of accountability for its actions. Ini short, they fear no punishment, as they have never been punished. One must wonder what their punishment would be if the Chinese people could try them for theft. They will never suffer punishment in the U.S, as they control everything in the U.S.
Joan at 2011-08-12136.167.44.*
It is long over due for China to dump all US treasures which will worth almost nothing by year 2013. It is much better China suffer some short pain than prelonged pain forever by holding worthless US treasure
PD User at 2011-08-1186.26.53.*
As China has over $1.2 trillion' worth of US Treasury securities, it is not at all surprising that she is concerned about the S & P downgrade, the wrangling over fiscal policy in the US, and the possibility of further quantitative easing. With the instability in the euro-zone, prospects for the entire North Atlantic economy look fairly bleak.However, China's position is in any event somewhat anomalous, in that, by lending money to the US, she enables 'Uncle Sam' to prosecute wars and pursue a foreign policy, with which she fundamentally disagrees. Furthermore, she is also lending money to the US to enable that country to buy her products, but China and the US are and will be increasingly in competition with one another for ever-increasingly scarce energy, food and other resources.At the very least, China must begin to diversify her foreign currency reserves, and not, to coin a phrase, 'put too many of her eggs in one basket'.

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