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India’s ‘Look East Policy’

By Pei Yuanying (Jiefang Daily)

08:50, April 06, 2012

India put forward the "Look East Policy" in the beginning of the1990s and it was considered as an important foreign strategy of India. At that time, led by Treasury Secretary Manmohan Singh, the government of Rao began promoting economic reform, changed Indian development patterns and actively developed the economic relations with foreign countries. Due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia and eastern European countries were beset with a crisis and the cooperation between India and these countries sagged seriously.

In addition, its relations with the neighboring countries were not developing very smoothly; as a result, it was difficult for India to establish international economic cooperation in the South Asia. Under that circumstance, the Southeast Asian countries that flourished in economic development became India’s first choice to develop its foreign economic cooperation because they have deep historical and geopolitics relations with India.

Overall, the focal point of the "Look East Policy" of India at that time was put in economic cooperation. Due to various reasons, India did not positively promote the "Look East Policy" at that time and the Southeast Asian countries had paid their attention to East Asia and underestimated India. Subsequently, the "Look East Policy" did not exert obvious effects.

Since the acceleration of globalization and change of Asian pattern in the 21st century, the "Look East Policy" of India has shown new vitality and rising trend.

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PD User at 2012-04-09101.63.218.*
India should be given an upper hand when compare it with china for only one reason that india is world"s largest democracy.
PD User at 2012-04-09116.203.187.*
our group does not know what happens to us. we cannot tolerate a single finger towards great china. democratic world talks about boycott, sanctions. let them talks. ters now work on one more factor added china is already boycotted then develop the best. so one more conditions point added. lets see now what they can do. great china should be in our bloods. now we will develop. lets see the world can stop great china and dprk.
Hammad Sethi at 2012-04-0894.197.127.*
We need peace for rapid and shared prosperity in South Asia. Conflict is not in the interest of Pakistan, and it is not in the interest of India; infact it is bad for the whole of Asia. If we remember 16 years ago when Western policies were not so well understood, India was the beacon of secularism, democracy, and freedom. India at that time wanted a conflict with Pakistan. We are still in the conflict management phase because India still is living in the hope that Western Christians are going to take away Pakistani nuclear arsenal, and that Christians are going to side with Hindu India in a war against divided Islam. The reason for USA coming up with the issue of Hafiz Saeed was to keep that hope alive so that India does not move to conflict resolution. Once India is convinced that USA can no longer persecute Muslims in the name of secularism, democracy, and freedom, or intimidate Muslims in the name of terrorism, and can no longer force Pakistan to give up its nuclear program, India will move to conflict resolution. But to achieve that goal and win peace for the whole of the international community, Pakistan will have to show some spine.
PD User at 2012-04-07116.203.205.*
democratic world talks about competition than please compete and compete in everything.its a competition.a competition.great people talks about only science,everything science.
PD User at 2012-04-07116.203.205.*
china and india are friends but the problems source core central point is not understood by anybody.some is threatning what is science lets see.who is best lets see it.only no.1 china has to become.everything is living being.and westers we have to do propoganda against accepted.only truth,honesty,faith,integrity will attraction towards expectation.understand webesters.no2 hated no1.remember china, everything is science.

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