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US 10-year counter-terrorism: Success or failure?

By Li Xuejiang (People's Daily Online)

07:45, September 09, 2011

Jeremy Littlewood's profile

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of “9.11”, People’s Daily staff reporter Li Xuejiang made and exclusive interview with a well-known Canadian expert on counter terrorism,Dr. Director of the Canadian Centre of Intelligence and Security Studies (CCISS).

Li Xuejiang: How would you like to assess successes and failures Of the U.S. counter-terrorism in the past ten years?

Dr. Littlewood: U.S. counter-terrorism efforts have been focused on radical Islamic groups associated with Al Qaeda. This is unsurprising given Al Qaeda’s role in the 9/11 attacks. The U.S. has assisted other states in countering non-Islamic terrorism, such as Colombia and its efforts against FARC. Thus the ‘Global War on Terrorism’ never was focused on all types of terrorism: rather, its focus, understandably, was on the terrorism stemming from radical interpretations of political Islam that directly threatened the U.S. homeland and its interests.

In terms of successes, we should note that there have been no further ‘spectacular’ type attacks on the U.S. homeland and Al Qaeda and its affiliates or supporters have been pushed into conducting low-level attacks against the U.S. homeland. Thus, in terms of defending the U.S. homeland the policies have been successful if success if judged by preventing or thwarting major attacks.

Other successes over the decade include degrading Al Qaeda core in Afghanistan and Pakistan, pushing them out of Afghanistan and removing the safe haven from the 1990s, and putting them on the defensive in Pakistan and the Afghanistan-Pakistan border areas, as well as in other areas of the world. Deteriorating the ability of such groups to plan and act freely is not an inconsiderable achievement.

The U.S. has also managed to galvanize some of its allies and friends into countering Al Qaeda-type terrorism, even if some did so reluctantly initially: Saudi Arabia; Pakistan for example.

Al Qaeda is much less of a threat to the U.S. now than it was ten years ago. The killing of Osama Bin Laden is perhaps the best illustration of this.

In terms of failures, history will be the better judge of that given that we are still only a few years on from the attacks and the impact of events or policies are not always immediately obvious in the long or short term. It is worth noting the following:

• Permitting Al Qaeda members to escape to Pakistan has exacerbated the problem over time, both in terms of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

• The assumption that Al Qaeda’s ideology would not spread to U.S. Muslims proved to be unfounded as the decade wore on: low-level attacks in the U.S. have been conducted by individuals radicalized by the ideas and propaganda disseminated by Al Qaeda, demonstrating that the U.S. faces the same challenges as other states.

• Significant propaganda victories for Al Qaeda and its ilk were evident in the failure in Iraq during the period 2003 to 2006, with the Abu Ghraib interrogation pictures, killing of civilians, and the rise of the Iraqi insurgency all undermining U.S. counter-terrorism efforts.

• Guantanamo Bay and the ‘torture’ memos that permitted enhanced interrogation techniques have also undermined aspects of the counter-terrorism effort with the U.S. being branded as a state that permits torture.

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Anyhow at 2011-09-11110.159.253.*
It can be seen as a failure, if the objective was geopolitics, it is a failure, if the objective was counter-terrorism it is a failure as well, a better way would have been to coordinating with Government of Afghanistan and Iraq at that time to force about a peaceful change, instead of the wanton bullying that completely destroyed American image as a just and peaceful nation towards a bully nation as well as expose all her worst behavior and also weaknesses to the world, so it was a failure on all fronts. The world should take heed and learn from this so as never to repeat it again, just because you have the power and resources to do so doesn"t mean you should use it.
Hammad Sethi at 2011-09-102.97.204.*
The First World War finished the Caliphate, and Muslim world was divided into small countries, and Germany played a major role in this. The Ottomans were kicked out of Europe. The Second World War put an end to the British Empire and Pound Sterling was totally replaced by the US Dollar as an International Reserve currency. Again, the Germans played the main role in the demise of British Empire just as in the case of Ottoman Empire. After the war, the French started a process of political, economic and monetary union of Europe with the help of Germany, and when Britain asked to be made a part of it, the French told the British to shut-up. The British were supposed to be the protectors of Europe, while France and Germany built an Empire in Europe. The USA in the meanwhile maintained the US Dollar Empire with the help of maintaining its hegemony over the rest of the world by attacking other countries mostly Muslim countries in the name of secularism, respect for human rights, democracy, and freedom. If we look closely, we see that both Indian Hindus, and Israeli Jews who have also always been the sworn enemies of Muslims, are trying to conquer Muslim territory and build their theocratic religious Empires. The United Nations has kept both the issues of Palestine and Indian held Kashmir ‘alive and unresolved’ in the last 65 years since the end of Second World War. The USA keeps an uneasy balance of power between Hindus and Muslims, and Jews and Muslims, and totally sides with Israel and Hindu India in the name of secularism, respect for human rights, democracy, and freedom. Today we can see both in Gaza and Indian held Kashmir, that what Jews are doing in Gaza and what Hindus are doing in Kashmir has nothing to do with secularism, respect for human rights, democracy, or freedom; it is a demonstration of complete religious fanaticism by the Jews and Hindus, and both the USA and UN are directly and indirectly supporting it, and if any Muslim tries to raise a voice against this genocide, they are branded as terrorists. Muslims never had anything to do with any major decision-making since the inception of United Nations so the problem of militancy in Muslims is not a creation of Muslims; instead it is a creation of power play at the global level by the nations and religious powers that have been running the affairs of the world. After the end of the Second World War, the Russians took a major portion of Europe and built their Soviet Empire. The Cold war, again in the name of secularism, respect for human rights, democracy, and freedom, finished the Russian Empire. Both the British and Russians believed in the hypocrisy called secularism, respect for human rights, democracy, and freedom, and were content with the containment of the Muslim world by the Jews and the Hindus with the direct and indirect support of all world powers. After the Second World War, the British business that was spread across the globe was slowly folded back into Europe by pushing Britain into wars across Asia and Africa and damaging British business and diplomatic interests, while Russians were pushed out of Europe. All this was obviously done to create a global White Catholic Empire, especially across Europe, and obviously Vatican called all the shots. What happened on 9/11 also seems to be a part of this scheme of things. We can see in Libya, how these past colonial grave robbers and looters have tried to dominate the rest of the world. There should be no justification for violence in the conduct of International affairs, and nobody should be allowed to dominate anybody, because God Almighty has created all human being Free and Equal. The problem of terrorism has to be addressed, and the Muslims have to be part of the solution. The murder of a single innocent person is like the murder of the whole humanity, but the problems of Palestine and Kashmir have to be resolved. It is no longer possible for Vatican to build a Euro Empire or maintain its US Dollar Empire, so there is no need to contain the Muslim World Economically or Militarily, as the Vatican does not need to hide behind Israel or India to build its own Empire. There should be real respect for human rights, democracy, and freedom in the world, and the Jews and the Hindus should no longer be allowed to persecute the Muslims. The Muslims need to unite together to address the problem of Islamophobia, and speak with one voice when dealing with the rest of the world. India cannot compete with the world without Muslim cooperation, and Jews cannot survive in the Middle East on their own. The USA needs to worry about Dollar Empire, the French and Germans need to worry about their Euro Empire, and English need to do something about what is left of Pound Sterling. China, Russia and Japan need to build their own positions in the world. If we just, live and let live, we can make the world a much better place. There is enough for everybody’s need, but there isn’t enough for a single man’s greed.
hu run at 2011-09-0961.150.95.*
A significant composition of today.
oon at 2011-09-09120.166.72.*
Until now, it still remains a mystery, whether accidentally or not, and what exactly is the ultimate goal behind all of the incidents such these. (the high-rise buildings could collapse to the bottom) so easily?

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