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UN's lead in Libya cannot be weakened

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily Online)

17:01, September 02, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Although the fighting on the battlefield is coming to an end, a long process is needed to really solve the Libyan issue. The fragile regime and people living in poor conditions in Afghanistan and Iraq demonstrate the difficult transition between war and peace.

That the choice of the Libyan people should be respected is beyond debate. Qaddafi's regime has lost control of the nation, and almost no country would refuse contact with the Libya's newly emerging force. It is just because of such a sense of reality that the international meeting named "Friends of Libya" is being held. No matter the whereabouts of Qaddafi, countries have cast their eyes on Libya's regime transition and post-war reconstruction.

Reviewing the three wars in the region that have broken out since the start of this century, one can easily find a clear trend: the United Nation's interference in the early stage was relatively timely, but as the situation developed and changed, the U.S. and its NATO allies came and gradually edged the United Nations out. The United Nations may certainly come out again, but it is just a leveraging approach, or its purpose is just to use the United Nation's name.

The Western intervention in the Libyan civil war has long deviated from the original intent of the United Nations. The U.N. Security Council adopted resolution 1973 mainly for the purpose of imposing a no-fly zone on Libya to protect civilians, but NATO has not only launched air strikes on the Libyan military and even civilian sites but also dispatched ground troops to help the opposition forces to capture Tripoli. Many innocent Libyan civilians have been embroiled in the war, resulting in a shocking death toll.

It is a responsible measure to call on the United Nations to take a leading role in completely solving the Libya crisis because it is the world's most authoritative organization in stopping armed conflicts, promoting reconciliation and political dialogue, and supporting sovereignty and territorial integrity. NATO member states have been indirectly or directly involved in the Libyan civil war, and are nowhere close to be fair mediators, not to mention that their policies are almost bound to be influenced by "war dividend."

Emphasizing the leading role played by the United Nations in the Libya issue means maintaining the stability of the international relation system. According to the Charter of the United Nations, there are more than 200 sanction levels between the military sanction level and non-military sanction level. Strictly following the step-by-step sanction system is the only effective way for obtaining the peace. Skipping the levels arbitrarily or using military means to solve the dispute is a violation of the Charter of the United Nations and the principle of international relations, and it disturbs the modern trend of seeking peace and pursuing development. The damaged system of international relations cannot be repaired without the cooperation and wide participation of great global powers, and the United States is just a perfect platform for it.

Stressing the leading roles of the United Nations in the Libya issue also aims to guarantee the impartiality in the process of the reconstruction in Libya. China's investments in Libya are mainly in sectors such as telecommunications and construction that concern Libya's development prospects and its people's real daily lives.

The investments as a result of the normal economic cooperation between China and Libya are neither the gifts that China presented to Qaddafi nor obstacles to the development of ties between China and Libya's new regime. China is willing to play a positive role in Libya's future reconstruction and ought to pay sufficient attention to its legal rights and interests in Libya. As one of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, China have good reason for stressing the leading roles of the United Nations in post-war Libya.


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PD User at 2011-09-04115.134.74.*
From "protecting civilian lives" to conducting an aerial war is quite a divergence from the original resolution. The final question will be - Was the unapproved departure, for national strategic gains or for genuine ending of Libyan peoples" sufferings, or both? Now that the wa is almost over, which will be said to prevail? Do we expect to see EU and U.S. asking for their pound of flesh from the new Libyan government? PR and reality are different. I"d like to know what these Eu and U.S. really represents. I expect the EU to do better than U.S. which has already a very bad reputation.
PD User at 2011-09-0480.94.16.*
2011-09-03.France Germany and USA be blame from weaken"s position of world UN.To break up unity society"s international to try impose world to settlement a under their control.To see to return Germany to politic a idea famous Hitler only in white"s glove"s.Frenchman nature to be colonialism plus american doctrine Monroe.Another way on West withoud to change.Old"s politic"s.They to try get dressed how Lady Gaga think"s that to become popular idol"s.Gene and gene white"s politician.
Hammad Sethi at 2011-09-0378.144.18.*
These are dangerous times. France, Germany, and USA are like three broken gamblers. World used to believe in their lies about secularism, respect for human rights, democracy, and freedom, and they were carrying out massacres around the world, terrorising the world and building the Franco-German White Catholic European Empire. The ideological and military defeat in Iraq and then Afghanistan necessitated the occurrence of Libyan adventure to restore their position of the great holders of the values of secularism, respect for human rights, democracy and freedom, and to get rid of the psychological affects of the Iraqi and Afghan defeat, to turn the tide again in favour of France and Germany. But the Libyan victory even though still not fully guaranteed is a victory of the people of Libya and not of a military thug called NATO. The final word is that Sarkozy can go ahead and threaten as many ‘Weak and Vulnerable’ Muslim countries as he wants, but the international community will no longer buy the lies about secularism, respect for human rights and all that… And at the end of the day the NUCLEAR British are now fully awake and they are never going to give up the Pound Sterling, so the Euro zone is bound to fail sooner or later. So no-matter how painful may it be for France, USA and Germany, but the French have to give up on their centuries-old dream of a unified White Catholic Empire in whole of Europe. Lies have no feet to stand on. You lose Sarkozy. RESISTENCE IS FUTILE.
Canada at 2011-09-0370.36.49.*
change United States to United Nations

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