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'Special Hong Kong' is wish of Chinese society

(Global Times)

16:54, August 19, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Vice Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang's three-day visit in Hong Kong has evoked many comments. Regarding issues of how Hong Kong and the mainland regard each other and Hong Kong's "new orientation," the debates are fierce. What kind of "big packages of gifts" has Vice Premier Li Keqiang brought to Hong Kong? Regarding this question, the expectations and reflections on the expectations are also various.

Hong Kong is the pride of all the Chinese people and also an important demonstration site of Asia's vitality. In the past more than 10 years, every time Kong Hong’s prosperity was affected, it was the result of global economic turbulence. However, Hong Kong was not the "most miserable one" every time. The rise of the Chinese mainland has lowered the economic statuses of many places of the world, including Hong Kong, but Hong Kong is the one that has received most power and support from the Chinese mainland in the world. It belongs to the first batch of places that has benefited from China's economic prosperity. It seems that the transition of global economic environment is changing the destinies of some places, but Hong Kong is definitely on the "list of winners."

The orientation of the relations between Hong Kong and the mainland keeps adjusting, and it is caused pretty much by the "trend" rather than people's wills. The intense exchanges between Hong Kong and the mainland and new views on each other are completely beyond the wildest predictions of 14 years ago and are also not results of political enforcements.

The concept of "One Country, Two Systems" has been constantly enriched with new elements since its introduction. Both local residents and the people on the Chinese mainland, who cherish the special administrative region, hope Hong Kong will maintain its uniqueness. There is no "anti-Hong Kong" force in China, and very few Chinese are jealous of the region's success. This is the public opinion foundation for the central government's policy toward Hong Kong. The region is and will be governed in strict compliance with the "Hong Kong Basic Law," and the common interests and wishes of Hong Kong residents will steadily boost the relations between the region and the Chinese mainland.

Certain Hong Kong residents are worried that if the region enjoys excessive economic preferential policies by the mainland, it will lose the motivation to explore the outside world and eventually become an ordinary Chinese city. Such worries are not groundless, but it should be noted that the Chinese mainland has never thought of "mainlandizing" Hong Kong. The mainstream current in Chinese society is willing to see the diversified development of various regions, and hopes that Tibet, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong can all maintain their uniqueness.

Hong Kong has retained prosperity after its return to Chinese sovereignty, which has boosted China's political confidence and has proven the country’s great economic strength. The central government, the people on the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong residents have an equally strong desire to promote the region's development, so mainland residents tend to "feel bad" when certain Hong Kong residents and media outlets accuse the Chinese mainland of ulterior political motives.

A minority declares that Beijing wants to abandon the "One Country Two Systems" policy and control Hong Kong's "internal politics," which sounds very funny on the mainland. To be honest, Hong Kong residents have organized political activities on the streets during the sensitive period of mainland, and some Hong Kong media have made irresponsible remarks of mainland politics. All these "political interferences" in the matters of the mainland are contrarily more open and active than the mainland's "influence imposition" on Hong Kong. Sometimes the Hong Kong minority's painstaking attitude to make a "mainland model" is quite obviously performed without any concealment.

The economies of Hong Kong and Chinese mainland are intertwined, which could definitely bring more overlaps on levels of concept and politics, and among these, frictions are inevitable. But looking at these problems with an optimistic and benevolent attitude is a more authentic response to history than the pessimistic and vigilant attitude.

In the recent three-day Hong Kong Trip, Vice Premier Li Keqiang brought with him the sincerity of the central government and mainland citizens, and we are happy to see the enthusiastic and active responses of Hong Kong media. Considering such a long time apart, the understanding could not be completely established in one day, but this understanding is indeed rapidly spreading throughout Hong Kong.


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Observer at 2011-08-21175.139.61.*
As China modernizes it should follow it's path of modernization based on the Hong Kong model, create a society of tough minded, self respecting, and hard working citizens in everyways, and avoid the Taiwan model like a plague, where it seems the people have no self respect, have an absolutely warped concept of reality, and over worship of foreign culture, and weakening of their own values and image, that is Taiwan as a whole, i been there a few times, the intense racism even among the Chinese people there towards themselves, and other minority Chinese not of their cultural descent is absolutely abhorrent, and even the taxi driver told me that, and i guess that is what centuries of worshiping foreign invaders and self loathing can do this to you.
Ridhard Fang at 2011-08-21116.50.34.*
I very appreciated it. Some day, Taiwan should be the same. This is the China. I"m old, 85, may not see personally, but my further generations will see it.

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