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China, US should boost world's confidence

By Zhong Sheng  (People's Daily)

16:21, August 18, 2011

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden started an official visit to China on Aug. 17. During an exclusive interview with People's Daily before the visit, Biden stressed the importance of developing China-U.S. relations and showed the "determination" of U.S. leaders to put U.S.-China relations on a "steady and sustainable track for the coming decades."

Biden's visit to China comes amid a generally stable development momentum in China-U.S. relations. Both sides have made progress in building a mutually respectful and win-win partnership. However, a series of sensitive issues influencing bilateral relations are noteworthy. The United States is increasingly wary of China's rapid rise, and the possible U.S. arms sales to Taiwan will spoil the sound atmosphere of China-U.S. relations. Once Washington violates China's core interests, China-U.S. relations will surely sour again.

The development of China-U.S. relations has been accompanied by this kind of complexity since they were first established. For the past 30 years, the mutual interests interwoven between the two countries kept deepening, and the mutual-benefit cooperation continues to widen. Even those who were most optimistic about the China-U.S. relations in the past could not predict that the relations would reach today's level. As long as the two countries respect each other, seek common ground, put aside differences, get rid of disturbances and strengthen cooperation, they will be able to successfully find a new way for peaceful coexistence and mutual benefit. It is a primary judgment on the trend of the China-U.S. relations and also a key point for steering the development of China-U.S. relations.

Some in-depth structural contradictions of the China-U.S. relations have not been alleviated, and conflicts of interest may increase when the two sides strengthen contact with each other. Therefore, sufficient patience, great wisdom and courage will be needed for handling the China-U.S. relations in the new era.

It is still a practical issue for China and the United States to avoid a situation in which relations wildly fluctuate like a roller coaster. Solving this issue successfully is not only an expectation cherished by the people of the two countries but also the responsibility that the two countries must fulfill for the world. As China's national strength continues to rise, the global influence of the China-U.S. relations is also being highlighted.

China and the Untied States, as two great powers, are shouldering the heavy burden of benefiting the people of the two countries, safeguarding world peace and promoting a sustainable global development. Sound and practical cooperation between the two countries will strengthen the confidence for the whole world to deal with global challenges. Once bilateral relations go wrong, the negative effects will also influence the world.

Cooperation is a significant part of China-U.S. relations and is the foundation for the healthy development of their bilateral relations in the 21th century. China has a sincere willingness to grasp any historic opportunity and hopes to work together with the United States to deepen cooperation in a bilateral and even global context and to promote the stable development of bilateral relations. To this end, Washington should accept China's unstoppable rise to a prosperous world power. The U.S. should realize that China-U.S. relations are not a zero-sum game, and mutual trust and respect serve the common interests of both sides.

It is worth noting that Biden is the first high-ranking U.S. official to visit China since the U.S. debt crisis. China and the United States both have a long list of complex issues, old and new. With new challenges of promoting global economic recovery, both countries have the duty to boost global confidence.


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ZWzHjqhEIR at 2011-10-0361.191.59.*
This atrilce went ahead and made my day.
American Pie at 2011-08-1866.58.203.*
Yea, really, why don"t you guys do something miraculous. Both countries are always blowing their own horns but why don"t you both get together and do something monumental. The planet is decaying.

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