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China must take its own path

(China Youth Daily)

16:09, August 16, 2011

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

The Communist Party of China's speeches on July 1 described at length the "three development stages and three achievements" since the founding of the CPC to show one truth: China must take its own path. The Party is determined to take a road to realize national rejuvenation, increase the wealth of the people and establish a system to maintain and safeguard the interests of most people. With twists and turns, it was not easy for the Communist Party of China to walk through the past 90 years, but it succeeded and has made initial achievements.

It is not true that China is unwilling to learn from the West, nor that the country cannot learn or has no qualification to learn. Just as what Mao Zedong said: "China learned a lot from the West, but it did not work and the dreams had never come true." He also said that the "teacher" always invaded the "student."

Look at today’s China: It is adopting a policy of reform and opening up, embracing the world with sincerity and producing a great majority of products for the world, but reality shows that China can only work for the West, but can never be equal to the Western countries.

The modern Western social development model has been developed based on several hundred years of capitalism, several thousand years of Western culture, and nearly 100 years of overseas colonial plunder. The great popularity of the Western model in today's world has a solid foundation and is a historical necessity.

Research on development systems has shown that the system is non-neutral, which means any system is suitable for a certain group but harmful to another. More specifically, a system may bring great benefits to a social group, while causing great harm to another group.

China will neither bully others as Western countries have done, nor simply depend on others for development. China has taken its own path to let some people get rich first without marginalizing the majority of the people. The country introduced Marxism based on a critical reflection of Western civilizations and used the political philosophy as a counterweight to Western ideologies. It then started localizing Marxism and developed it into the unique "socialism with Chinese characteristics" after a series of breakthroughs.

The successful practices of carrying out revolutions for 90 years, exploring for 60 years and walking on the "socialist road with Chinese characteristics" for 30 years has proven that the road of China is not a copy of the Western mode but has broken through and surpassed the Western development mode. If China developed within the western mode, China may have realized some achievements but would not have realized such great achievements. Only if China jumps out of the Western mode can China realize its goal of "surpassing the Untied Kingdom and catching up with the United States." Viewed from this angle, the "characteristics" are not a kind of decoration but a kind of instinct and strategy.

Somebody may ask, "Since China's development model is so successful, will it replace the development mode of Western societies?" In fact, this question does not have much practical significance. In a long predictable period of time, the success China has made does not defeat the Western development model, but will promote the two models to make a better competition. Regarding the question of "what will happen in an even longer period of time," we could adduce a sentence said by Deng Xiaoping: Our next generations will be much wiser than us, and they will solve this problem perfectly. Declaring too early that China's mode will replace the development mode of Western societies is not good for China's development. We should not say it, and we should not agree with foreigners who say it.


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fu_manchu at 2011-08-16188.138.91.*
"China"s development model"? Will someone come up with a comprehensive description, thesis, and/or philosophy about this "model". What is the premise on which this model is based? Personally, unless you can come up with a lucid, complete and coherent explantio of this, I am prone to think it is nothing but an electic mix of choose and pick in which case, I wonder if it can be called a "model". Unless it can be defended like Marx"s or Keynes, this "Chinese model of development" remains vague and elusive and is like talking through the air. Even if I, as a corporate person can came up with working concepts - simultaneously with the same thoughts being arrived at in the West & Japan - such as "Risk Management", "Just-In-Time" raw materials management, "Coaching style of management", "Empowerment", etc.., I am sure Chinese administrators or academics can write up a persuasive thesis about "China"s development model". Otherwise, it will be left to Westerners to articulate what we have "discovered", or maybe "not discovered".

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