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China should adhere to scientific outlook on development

By Chen Jiaxing (People's Daily)

10:01, August 05, 2011

Beijing's gross domestic product grew 8 percent in the first half of the year from a year earlier. The growth rate was slower than that of the rest of China, but the city's GDP quality ranked first in the country.

This is not a sign of an economic slowdown but rather a positive result of the city's efforts to voluntarily slow down, to promote economic restructuring and to explore a new economic growth pattern under the guidance of the scientific outlook on development in order to grasp the initiative of the economic development's new mode. China set its GDP growth target at around 8 percent this year, while most provinces in the country witnessed GDP growth of nearly 10 percent in the first six months.

China should not ignore the quality of economic growth while pursing rapid development. Low-quality and risky growth does not contribute to the development of a modern, powerful state, or the well-being of its people. Unbalanced development can damage social cohesion. Low-level development with structural faults cannot survive the market's storm, and unscientific development cannot promote social harmony or progress. If a country ignores these basic principles and only pursues rapid economic growth and massive economic size, its economy will be like a sandcastle that falls apart easily.

In the process of development, China should take into consideration the carrying capacity of resources and environment, social and cultural integration, as well as the psychological bearing capacity of the people. It will be hard to achieve modernization if the country violates the guiding principle of scientific outlook on development and continues to be overly obsessed with rapid economic growth.

The Scientific Outlook of Development is a scientific method of thinking that adopts rational approaches to observe anything, analyzes problems in a dialectical manner and promotes practical and realistic development.

China's development is at a major strategic opportunity period. If China fails to seize the chance to advance its economy, it will perhaps lose the historical opportunity. However, as various regions, industries and sectors are at considerably different development levels and have different development environment and conditions, seeking the same development pace is mechanical and dogmatic.

If some regions have appropriate conditions and capabilities and have drawn attention to the factors and essence of development and balanced the interests of all parties during the process of development, they can surely seek more rapid development. It is slack for them to slow their development. On the contrary, seeking rapid development regardless of conditions and reality is not scientific development.

It was reported that 655 cities around the country are planning to "go abroad," 183 cities are building themselves into "international metropolitan areas," and more than 30 cities are attempting to build "financial centers." Although some cities are not rich enough to construct subway lines, they have raised a huge amount of debt to build them. Many regions, industries and sectors are all advocating "great-leap-forward development." Have they adhered to the Scientific Outlook of Development? The Scientific Outlook of Development can serve as a "mirror" reflecting whether or not the aforementioned practice is scientific.

Only inviting and listening to experts holding same or similar opinions for making big decisions will make the scientific and democratized decision-making procedure meaningless. For some important engineering projects, such phenomena as blindly shortening the construction period, impractically completing the project ahead of time, dedicating the project to an important festival or anniversary and aiming only at "completing the project within my term of office," often emerge.

Furthermore the phenomenon of demolishing houses for a scheduled project without successfully completing it has also frequently occurred despite the repeated prohibition. These officials had better use the perfect measuring tool of the scientific outlook on development to measure whether they are benefiting the people, whether they have insist on the people-oriented principle and whether they have achieved the goal of making all the people share the fruits of the development.

The scientific outlook on development is a scientific theory for administrating a country and doing political work. Only when it is used to guide the ideas of development can the society be harmonious, the country be prosperous, and the people be rich. The outward competitive development momentums in some regions, industries or realms are actually unhealthy comparing phenomena, which are caused by the pernicious influence of scandalous "image projects" that has not been fully eliminated yet. Only if the officials insist on the principle of being responsible for the history and people and insist on the scientific outlook on development, can they firmly and actively walk on the road of scientific development.


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