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Human rights card will not shake China's stability

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

08:05, May 29, 2012

Edited and translated People's Daily Online

A few notable trends are emerging in U.S. policy toward China. While forming "island chains" to contain China, certain U.S. political forces are taking advantage of so-called human rights violations to increase pressure on China. This shows their concern about China’s rise as well as their frustration and anxiety in finding it impossible to shake China's ability or to stop its rise.

Respecting and protecting human rights has been written into China's Constitution, and integrated into the great undertaking of reform and opening-up. The country has lifted about 200 million people out of poverty in only two decades, leaving a glorious page in the world's history of human rights. Even Americans have to admit that the Chinese people have made an unprecedented achievement in human history.

The "human rights" card is not only a moral banner for U.S. diplomacy, but also an excuse for "shaping" China's development path. The China Model is bound to shake the very foundations of Western social development theories. The more rapidly China develops, the more upset and frustrated Washington’s politicians will be, and the more vigorously they will play the "human rights" card. With an outdated ideological adherence to global dominance, the United States is eager to defend the theoretical foundation of its dominance over the world.

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