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Progress of China's human rights cause cannot be eliminated (2)

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

16:22, May 28, 2012

In 2011, China continued implementing the work of punishing and preventing corruptions and investigated and dealt with a batch of important illegal and criminal cases in land expropriation, food and medicine safety supervision, affordable housing and other areas. The disciplinary inspection and supervisory departments of China received more than 1.34 tip-offs in total, published more than 140,000 people including 4,843 officials of county level or above, and sent 777 officials of county level or above to judicial authorities.

China has been actively promoting the construction of the Internet in recent years and has offered more convenient channels for the citizens to express themselves and speak. The new media, such as the blog, microblog, video sharing, social network site, are also developing rapidly in China, and the citizens could express their opinions in various ways on the Internet.

Chinese citizens publish more than 3 million entries in total every day in such ways as the forum comment, news comment and blog article, and more than 66 percent of Chinese netizens often publish comments and express their opinions and interest requirements on the Internet.

The State Council of China also required that the governmental website's functions of information transparency, interaction and communication should be brought into full play and the important decisions regarding practical interests of the public should be published on the governmental website and ask for public opinions. Governments of various levels also actively explored effective ways of "political enquiries."

It is no secret that China is still facing many problems and challenges in guaranteeing the human rights, but what should not be denied is that the human rights guarantee plan of China is being implemented steadily according to the schedule and the human rights guarantee level of China keeps rising. The progress of China's human rights cause cannot be eliminated.

Read the Chinese version: 中国人权事业进步不容抹煞(国际论坛)

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