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Do not let kids addicted to iPhone, iPad games

By Yuan Hao (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

09:34, May 04, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

"Hi, honey, how to say Xiangjiao in English?" "It is banana!" "What about Pingguo?" "It is iPhone!" "What about a big Pingguo?" "It is iPad!" This is a joke that has been retweeted 20,000 times on Sina microblog in nearly two weeks.

An investigation into two kindergartens and one primary school in Nanjing last week found that more than half the kids are addictive to iPhone and iPad games.

The investigation also found that some parents think that playing games can develop children's intelligence and make them cleverer. Therefore, they allow children play games on iPhone and iPad. Some parents themselves are crazy about iPhone and iPad and they even take iPad as teaching and educational tool and play it with their children. This phenomenon is really worrying.

Admittedly, it is originally good to move the family education onto iPad screen. However, we should not forget that children are at the stage of growth and development and the small screen of iPad will affect their vision.

Meanwhile, the cyber world is complicated and it is difficult to ensure that children will not browse some contents for adults or get addictive to the Internet.

Moreover, the means of information-based education is not necessarily better than the traditional way.

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