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Bin Laden's death continues to make Pakistanis' lives troubled

By Jamil Bhatti (Xinhua)

13:05, May 03, 2012

ISLAMABAD, May 3 (Xinhua) -- Since after the killing of Osama bin Laden it has been a winning situation for the United States but not for Shaheena Aziz, a Pakistani lady health worker who lost not only her job but also the respect in the society for supporting American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)-funded fake vaccination campaign to hunt Al-Qaida chief.

An inquiry committee fired Aziz, 53, from her job on April 9 this year along with 20 other health workers who played their role directly or indirectly in the forged Hepatitis B campaign which finally helped CIA to trace bin Laden through DNA test.

Doctor Shakeel Afridi, head of the vaccination movement, had already been arrested by Pakistani security agencies soon after the last year's May 2 secret commando operation by the American Navy SEALS in which bin Laden and his companions were killed in Pakistan's northwestern garrison city of Abbottabad.

According to reports, Afridi has been facing treason charges in army courts and has fewer chances to escape from capital punishment (hang till death).

"I swear by God, believe me, I did not know the main and hidden purpose of the campaign, I helped Afridi because my seniors ordered me to do so," said Aziz while talking to Xinhua.

After she was named in the case and lost her service, her life became very tough as she was going through the extreme financial crises and her neighbors, relatives, friends and common people started hating her because of her alleged role in the CIA campaign that took place twice on March 16 and April 20-21 last year.

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