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China's young generation is not 'beat generation'

By He Yonghai (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

15:58, May 02, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

High school students in China have a stronger sense of country compared to those of the United States, Japan and South Korea, according to the "Report of Comparative Research on High School Students of China, Japan and South Korea and the United States" released recently by the China Youth and Children Research Center.

In the research, 79.4 percent of Chinese high school students believe that the development of China is closely connected with individual developments, 80.7 percent of them say that "if the country meets a crisis, they are willing to do anything for the country," and 90.2 percent of them are proud of being Chinese.

The report makes me feel both surprised and happy. It surprised me because, according to previous authoritative researches, the "post-90's generation" known as the "mouse generation" has a weakening "spirit of benefiting others" but has a sense of value of "emphasizing the individuality and pursuing the self-recognition." But the outcome of this research by the China Youth and Children Research Center has completely changed the public's impression on the current high school students of China.

The sense of country is a sense of responsibility that every citizen of a country should have. If a person has a relatively strong sense of country, the person will have a relatively strong sense of civic responsibility. The person will speak and behave in consideration of the national honor, interests and security, take damaging the national honor, interests or security as a dishonor and take winning honor for the country, promoting the national development and safeguarding the national security as honors. From the survey, the public has seen the young generation's high patriotism and therefore should be very proud of it, because the future of China belongs to the young generation and China will have a brilliant future due to their high patriotism.

Of course, we should not be too happy about the results of the research, because the sense of country is reflected from not only the word but also the deed. Especially, compared to some developed countries, China's education of the national identity and citizen identity is still not enough. The sense of country of the current youths of China still needs deepening and improving.

The strength of a country mainly depends on such indexes as the economic and military indexes, but other indexes, such as the maturation index of the sense of country, are also very important. Especially, since emigration is becoming more popular in China, it is especially necessary for China to strengthen the education of improving the young people's sense of country. Adults and parents of young people should be models in this area. Since 80 percent of high school students of China have said that if the country meets a crisis, they are willing to do anything for the country," adults of China especially should hold the belief of "doing whatever it takes to serve the country" to serve the China and the Chinese society.


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Jordan at 2012-05-0872.10.73.*
I live in the United States. I wish our young people would be more like young Chinese in this respect. Young Americans are becoming lazy and selfish.
Canada at 2012-05-0370.36.49.*
Core socialist values are also important.
perpetual infinity at 2012-05-02122.174.159.*
now i am going to become sarah daniel for it.this is my science earths best science in earths history.let normals humans dance and watch.
perpetual infinity at 2012-05-02122.174.159.*
now i am going to become sarah daniel for it.

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