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Where does the world go from here?

By Zhan Dexiong (Guangming Daily)

16:09, April 26, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Developed Western capitalist countries’ reflections on capitalism

The world remains undeniably dominated by capitalism, but unlike before, people are increasingly worried about the future of capitalism, which is severely ill.

Capitalists have become their own worst enemies, according to an article titled “How to Save Capitalism” published in Time magazine on Jan. 30.

Many people want to find another way of development. Young Westerners are not as afraid of communism as the older generation, and are more willing to consider it as a way out. Many of them have an interest in the China model.

Certain Western people believe that the future of capitalism is the future of the world. Over the past few centuries, capitalism has been advocating getting rich by all means, including even the use of force. What will capitalism continue to bring to the world? How long can the earth withstand environmental damages and the ravages of war?

U.S. columnist Paul B. Farrell wrote in an article published on Jan. 10 that we must focus on solving the real big problems facing mankind: Not the killing of, but the survival of, 10 billion people by 2050. “Forget the military war machine. Yes, forget all the threats, war games, fear mongering, big macho egos and all the special interests that get rich from maintaining a 600-billion-U.S.-dollar war machine… We must and we will soon wake up and focus on the survival of human civilization, working together — yes, China and America as partners — figuring out how to feed 10 billion people on a planet of limited resources,” Farrell said.

The survival of mankind requires both material and spiritual resources. How should human beings get along with each other? How should we treat the earth where we were born? Over the past thousands of years, many far-sighted sages, religious leaders, thinkers, philosophers, and politicians have given their thought-provoking answers to the two questions.

More than 80 years ago, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi said that there were seven social sins: politics without principles, wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, and worship without sacrifice. The seven sins still apply in today’s society.

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Ob Ialix at 2012-04-3065.95.204.*
I believe that the West should adopt the beautiful system of "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics." Would it not be wonderful to kill, kidnap and imprison all those people that disagreed with your policies. It could be so simple. China is truly at a high point in their civilization of enlightenment. The West could try and emulate this by regulating what people watched and read and censor everything that we found harmful to the interests of the "state."
James Newell at 2012-04-2967.150.142.*
Raising the poor nations to the standard of living of a developed nation would reduce their birth rates.
Ron at 2012-04-2960.18.111.*
To think that "10 billion people by 2050" are going to peacefully share the resources of this planet is a utopian dream at best. Countries have gone to war over resources and will continue to do so. If you destroy your farmland and pump your aquifer dry do not expect anybody to save you
William Hooper (Ancient at 2012-04-2894.79.115.*
Where does the world go from here? When was the world at its best? In the West we had three great periods- Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and Fredrick The Great. Rome was culturally backward, it was militarily successful for a few hundred years, but it didn"t make men good, it relied on immigration and continual expansion. Fredrick The Great is a much better model, it revolved around elite culture, science and individual professionalism. This article talks about hedonism, but the real sin of capitalism is its populist sentimental bohemian lack of professionalism. Look at Singapore- the secret of great strength is professional working culture. Look at Japan- when it lost its perfectionism and embraced opulent capitalism it imploded psychologically.

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