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China to have even better days in the future

By Tao Lve (People's Daily Online)

15:52, April 17, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Recently, some domestic scholars of China said that, many signs, including the United States' policy of returning to Asia and the frequent actions against China made by China's neighbor countries, show that China has many enemies surrounding it and all the favorite factors for China's rapid development have gone. The external environment for the rise of China has worsened, China's strategic opportunity period has come to an end, and China's good days are over.

This viewpoint is actually a misjudgment on the international situation and China's own condition. It is also a wrong conclusion based on irrational and unreasonable analysis.

Globally, an important feature of today's world is that all countries are firmly on a "global network" and all of them depend on others very much. Although the world still has many fierce competitions, confrontations and even regional conflicts, cooperation is still the mainstream and general trend. It is expected that the generally-peaceful external environment faced by China will still continue.

Currently, the West's days are not good. Though at a difficult position, the West still behaves aggressively. However, the West does not have many practical things to do and it is still a question whether the West will be able to get out of the trouble in several years. But China is still in a rapidly-developing period, China's international status and influence keep rising, its capacities of participating in international competitions and resisting external risks keep improving, and China has more measures of dealing with its relations with foreign countries. We should say that the current days are much better than the past ones.

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Vichit Choonhapreut at 2012-04-2858.9.60.*
China should keep climbing the world ladder with humility and perseverance without arrogance.
Anonymous We are Legion at 2012-04-2865.95.204.*
China has had five thousand years to get it right without success. What makes the writer think that this will change anytime soon!

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