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China, Japan and S Korea should promote cooperation

By Huang Dahui (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

16:34, April 10, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

As the country coordinating the cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea, China organized the Sixth Council of China, Japan and South Korea Foreign Ministers in Ning Bo on April 8, 2012. The foreign ministers discussed about further promoting cooperation of the three countries and prepared for the Fifth Summit of China, Japan and South Korea Leaders held in Beijing in May 2012.

The discussion of China, Japan and South Korea Free Trade Area has been completed in the end of 2011 and the leaders of the three countries will discuss about the time frame and route of construction of the free trade area according to the study report.

The negotiation of China, Japan and South Korea Free Trade Area, which was once shelved, will be re-opened soon and it will become an important issue in the future trilateral cooperation and also the new starting point for regional cooperation.

China is the largest trading partner of Japan and South Korea. Japan is the second largest trading partner of South Korea. The three countries have closed economic and trade exchanges and high interdependence. At the same time, China and Japan are the world's second and third largest economic entities. China, Japan and South Korea are the world's top ten trading countries and the total economic output and trade volume of the three countries account for 20 percent of that of the world.

Once the free trade area is established, the three countries will benefit from it and realize mutual benefits and common development. In addition, it will also promote the development of the East Asia and Asia-Pacific economies and jointly contribute to world economic recovery and growth.

There are many differences between the three countries. Problems left by history, different political system and ideology led to the lack of mutual political trust among the three countries. Although there are some contradictions between the three countries, they should set store by overall interests, resolve conflicts through dialogue and strive for win-win through cooperation.

Nowadays, although the global economic outlook is uncertain and political situation of some areas is turbulent, East Asia attracted the world's attention with its unique economic vitality.

China, Japan and South Korea must properly handle problems and differences in the face of complicated international situation and severe challenges. Only by promoting the cooperation of the three countries and developing the mutual relations can the China-Japan strategic and mutually beneficial relations and China-Korea strategic cooperative partnership be further consolidated. It requires not only full cooperation of the three governments but also the mutual understanding of the people of the three countries.

Therefore, the three countries must enhance political mutual trust, strengthen multi-level communication and promote pragmatic cooperation to contribute to common development. Only by this can they join hands in creating a better tomorrow of East Asia.

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infinity at 2012-04-11116.203.205.*
think china the boy whose words even u cannot publish which level he will takeu.
Sam Teng at 2012-04-10175.139.80.*
It is very encouraging to see Asia"s top three economic powers are promoting cooperation. In this respect, I agree wih the writer that the three countries must enhance political mutual trust, strengthen multi-level communication and promote pragmatic cooperation to contribute to common development. They should continue to focus on common interests and goals and discard whatever differences that may derail their desires for a common prosperity and harmony in the region.

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