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Respond calmly to 'China threat theory'

By Shi Qingren (China Youth Daily)

16:46, April 09, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

China has won acclaims for its significant economic and social achievements since the reform and opening-up, but at the same time it has been seen as a threat by many countries.

Conflict of interest, an underlying cause of "China threat theory"

The "China threat theory" is caused by the country's rapid growth in economic and military strength, and is bound to accompany the country's rise as a great power.

In the eyes of certain Western powers, China's rise poses a challenge to the traditional Western-led international order and geopolitical landscape. According to the history of capitalism's rise, the rise of all great powers was accompanied by the use of force and wars. For example, the rise of the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and Japan all followed the same old path of wealth accumulation, military buildup, and military expansion. Western international relations theories formed on this basis, be it the Western power shift theory or hegemony transfer theory, believe that China's rise will cause a shift of power among countries and break the existing international order, which will cause global instability and even wars.

Therefore, the real reason for Western countries to propagate the "China threat theory" is that they are afraid that China will challenge the existing international status when it becomes strong. The western countries hope to restrict the rise of China by means of the "China threat theory."

"China threat theory" has dual effect of containment and stimulation

In order to curb and interfere with China's development, the Western countries hype the new round of "China threat theory." However, the result is counterproductive. The "China threat theory" exaggerated by the Western countries for decades produced a dual effect of containment and stimulation.

On one hand, the "China threat theory" damaged the image of China and deterred the development pace of China. It deteriorated the surrounding environment of China to some extent and made China must face a more complex international environment and withstand more external pressure.

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PD User at 2012-04-14119.124.111.*
The development of China during these years depend on the market and Chinese people.
Harald at 2012-04-12101.5.213.*
China can prove to the world, that it"s really different from Western countries by rising peacefully. This is especially difficult when the US are inciting its de-facto colonies (like e.g. the Philippines) to be aggressive against China. But China is on a good way. Focussing stronger on the promotion of Chinese culture and Chinese values is surely a very smart decision!
tony usa at 2012-04-1175.33.217.*
as an American watching China, This was a really good article and shows much wisdom.
PD User at 2012-04-11116.203.217.*
shut up just shut up who the hell are you and what u know about china.and chinese.why do not u do a collective combined military wmd attack and lets judge who is best.attack and attack by every thing combined.and in real time.lets see who is best.attack from multiple integrated combined attack.and ur economic overdose.hell with that do not even buy a stone from china.and lets see who is best.and collective counter responses.lets combined all world 5 billion people on one side thinking everyone is armed soldiers.than come on.
Playing balls at 2012-04-11220.255.1.*
Be calm with expert ball player. American are good in conjuring all sorts of ball games.So they can sell balls to their friends.

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