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Hold mainstream of China-ASEAN relations

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily Online)

16:05, April 06, 2012

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

The 20th ASEAN Summit is mainly aimed at accelerating the integration of ASEAN countries and making preparations for establishing a large unified ASEAN market. However, if we read the news reports from some Western media, we will have such an impression: the South China Sea issue involving only a few ASEAN countries is the most important topic of the 20th ASEAN Summit.

Some Western media and a few countries' actions of distorting the theme of the ASEAN Summit, deliberately exaggerating the South China Sea issue, creating confrontation between China and the ASEAN and even claiming “withstanding the pressure from China to solve the South China Sea issue” are actually severe disturbance for promoting the integration process of the ASEAN. Some large external countries' action of sensationalizing the South China Sea issue by making use of the ASEAN Summit shows once again their intention of seizing dominance in regional affairs.

However, the mainstream of the China-ASEAN relations is strengthening the common development and cooperation between China and the ASEAN. What the ASEAN wants to do first is to boost its development, reduce the obstacles on its way of development, and expand its achievements by deepening its cooperation with China, Japan and South Korea.

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wende at 2012-04-0671.255.86.*
Time is running on China to take control of all these islands in the South China Sea. Vietnam and Philippines have occupied the most number of these islands and they should the first to be dealt with. It is time to send willing Chinese to settle in these islands. I am sure a lot are interested providing military securities are insured.
Chinhomiah at 2012-04-0649.245.1.*
Distorting reality and promoting their thinly disguised agenda are nothing new to the western media and the countries they represent. Have they said anything nice about developments in China or the foreign policies of China? Lately, they have even tried roping in Asian accomplices who think cavalierly that they can hitch their fortunes to a faltering America, scorning the bounties that China has to offer for the development of this region. Don"t these countries understand a rising China has much to offer by way of trade and investments. Are the leaders of these countries so shortsighted as not to realise that their very poverty are the result of wasted years of conflict which, by its very nature, hampers all prospects of human upliftment.
Observer at 2012-04-06222.127.164.*
If China would give up its claims to waters within the 200 mile economic zone of the countries who claim the right to exploit these waters as thier own, then ASEAN could continue to deal with issues that China deems pertinent to ASEAN. Why does China insist on stirring the pot with issues and claims that are not inline with international conventions is the question?

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