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Declaration of nuclear security highlights China's image

By Zhao Shixing (PLA Daily)

15:17, April 01, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

On March 27, 2012, Chinese President Hu Jintao made a speech entitled "Deepen Cooperation to Improve the Level of Nuclear Security" at the Seoul Nuclear Security Summit, putting forward four proposals in terms of how to improve the nuclear security facing new situations. Hu's speech embodied China's latest declaration of nuclear security, summed up the country's positive experiences on the field of nuclear security, described the "Chinese model" in the field of nuclear security, demonstrated Chinese wisdom, promoted the image of China as a responsible power and produced so much favorable comment from the international community.

Link the idea of universal nuclear security with the idea of peace and development.

The nuclear bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 resulted in destructive disasters and forced human beings entering the nuclear age.

Subsequently, the nuclear weapons became an important bargaining chip of the great powers and the nightmare of the nuclear arms race swept across the whole world. The development and application of nuclear technology showed abnormal development, showing its antipersonnel force and destructiveness while ignoring its civil efficiency and potential.

Although China has nuclear weapons, it has always maintained minimum nuclear deterrent. China is the first country promising not to use nuclear weapons first. China advocates resolute prohibition and destruction of nuclear weapons. It weakens the functions of nuclear weapons with its practical actions. China advocates the concept of peaceful use of nuclear energy.

The serious nuclear accident that happened in Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in 2011 made the international community become jittery at the mention of nuclear. Some countries even suspended their nuclear development program.

However, in the context of energy shortages, global warming, advocating low-carbon clean energy, the nuclear energy plays an irreplaceable role on ensuring energy security and dealing with climate change.

Therefore, we should not extremely exaggerate the risk of nuclear safety. Hu linked the idea of nuclear security with the idea of peace and development in his speech and insisted on scientific and rational idea of nuclear security to enhance confidence in nuclear energy development. Hu advocates security and sustainable development of nuclear energy and comprehensive and peaceful use of nuclear energy to promote the rapid growth of global economy and sustainable development of civilization.

Link domestic supporting measures with universal nuclear security.

As a saying in the nuclear power industry goes, a nuclear accident that happens in one place can spread to anywhere. Today, there are a total of 30 nuclear power countries in the world and the electric energy production of nuclear energy accounts for 14 percent of the global electric energy production. Therefore, the problem of nuclear security has become a global issue.

In order to avoid the regional nuclear accident evolving into the global nuclear catastrophe, the nuclear countries must strengthen nuclear security capacity with a highly responsible attitude. In the speech, Hu also emphasized to establish supporting measures of nuclear safety. The supporting measures to a great degree showed China's positive experiences in the field of nuclear security. It again demonstrated Chinese wisdom and contributed to strengthening of nuclear security capacity.

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