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Foreign forces should not intervene in Asian affairs

By Ding Gang (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

17:04, March 31, 2012

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

People’s perception of China's international image is always guided by Western media. But to truly know the image of China, the world should not just listen to what Western media says, it needs to look at the true effects.

What messages do we get from most Western media reports before Chinese President Hu Jintao started visit to Cambodia? There are two kinds of contents. First, Cambodia should not obey China on the issue of the South China Sea. Instead, it should maintain the prestige of the rotating presidency of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Second, Cambodia has fallen into the trap of Chinese investment and become a dependency of China.

All this is quite different with the true feelings of Cambodians. During a discussion meeting on the issue of the South China Sea, a Cambodian scholar said that China will not resort to the threat of force to small countries. China should be regarded as a cooperative partner that provides more opportunities for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The issue of the South China Sea can certainly be solved through friendly consultations.

Even the words of so-called "trap of Chinese investment" will disintegrate. The Cambodian people are the direct beneficiary of Chinese aid. Many Cambodians said that their country has just undergone chaos caused by war and urgently needs to rehabilitate. China put huge investment in Cambodia without any conditions. However, some other countries attached some conditions to their aid or have obvious political motives behind their aid. By contrast, China is the true friend of Cambodia.

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PD User at 2012-04-08110.175.8.*
The vietnamese have forgotten the US sprayed their country with Agent Orange and dropped cluster bombs on their people. They are now embrasing the Satan.
PD User at 2012-04-05118.100.170.*
The western media can say what they like, with the internet, worst still, they use face book , blogers to spread false news, or writting lobsided comments. But it does"nt matters, as Asis is on the rise, and that"s a fact, it is up to the countries to beleive in the possibility of them being more develope if they work closely with China, and trade with China in exchange of commodities for more infrastustures like dam, railways, road and bridges. Never do what the middleeast do, trust and proper together with your neighbours.
jthk at 2012-04-05218.102.130.*
What is the problem with the western media have overwhelmingly dominated by the ideological confrontation between liberal democracy and communism for one whole century, they have lost all their words to describe a new world created by the global force. I therefore would like to suggest that China needs to take the lead on the construction of new knowledge with which we can understand the world we are living. The so-called mainstream scholars/perspective based on liberal democracy is outdated. There is need to build a new era of new knowledge basing on the so-called critical theorists, etc. Scholarly sponsorship and publication are required so that people can have words to describe our era honestly and correctly so that we might be able to look towards the future rather than looking backward to the last century. Last century is a devastating international order in which the whole civilization has been kidnapped by two great powers and two ideologies. We have enough of this!
jane tse at 2012-04-05218.102.130.*
It is not the Vietnamese we cannot trust, it is the West led by the US that we cannot trust. The US is printing money to bribe the poor and small countries where both the politicians and the economy desperately need money. I really don"t understand why we are still sponsoring the US to print money!
Harald at 2012-04-03101.5.209.*
Great article. There is a translation mistake though: "intentionally or unintentionally cover an important factor" should say: "cover up" or "hide". To cover means to report on it, which is exactly what western media don"t do.

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