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China's religious groups refute US report on religious freedom

By Hua Chunyu (People's Daily)

14:46, March 29, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

China's religious groups recently issued a joint statement refuting the 2012 annual report of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) and warning the commission not to "kidnap" religious freedom.

According to the statement, the USCIRF continued to act as "international religious police" and groundlessly criticized China's religious situation and policies in its 2012 annual report, for the purpose of tarnishing China's image.

As one of the basic rights for Chinese citizens, religious freedom is fully protected by the Constitution and law in China. A Chinese citizen can choose to believe in any particular legitimate religion or simply be a nonbeliever without interference from any government agency or social organization. The Chinese government treats all religions equally, and different religious groups coexist in harmony in China, forming a contrast to the strained relations among religious groups in the United States. The actual situation on China's religious freedom will not be distorted by a few groundless reports, and the actual feeling of Chinese religious people should be the best proof, the statement said.

It added that religious people in China enjoy religious freedom and all rights granted to Chinese citizens. Chinese religious groups have carried on the fine tradition of serving the society and helping people in need, and have actively performed charity work. Religious believers work hard in their fields, and practice their beliefs through good deeds, which have earned them wide praise and respect.

All legitimate religions hold that believers should be good citizens, and all countries ask religious believers to abide by the law. The United States is no exception. People who commit crime under the cloak of religion should be punished according to the law. However, the USCIRF distorted the legal action of the Chinese government as "religious persecution." The United States has also adopted double standards in many other fields, leading to a worldwide decline in trust in the country's practice.

The statement noted that religious freedom is a common value pursued by all human beings, but not the patent of any country. It should not be "kidnapped" or taken as a political tool to pursue self-interest. The Chinese religious community advised the USCIRF to re-examine its acts and abandon wrong practices.

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ASEAN at 2012-04-09220.255.2.*
@ PD User ( IP:80.58.205 ), God is everywhere. God is there waiting for you to talk to Him. He is our Heavenly Father. He can and is willing to help you solve whatever problems you have now. You just need to talk to Him about your problems and ask Him for help. Just give it a try and soon you will know that there is God and it is real. No one has ever see God does not means that there is no God. It is the same here, no one have ever see gravity, but gravity is there. After you know there is God, you must know that He had sent His only Son, Jesus Christ to take away our sins. Also whatever we do, we must do things that are pleasant to God. God is not happy that we kill one another in this world. We may look different and of different colours but we are brothers and sisters. Each and everyone of us must make an effort to make this world a more peaceful place and get rid of wars. To the Christians in the western world you have a greater responsibility, you must know that most western governments are creating so much problems and killing millions in many countries. This definitely goes against the will of God as God is Holy. And killings are evil. It is our job as Christians to condemn whatever evil the western governments are doing and had been doing. Because, at the end of the day, on Judgement day, each and everyone of us will be judged according to what we had been doing during the period of many killings in this world, as is happening right now. Are you going to keep quiet or are you going to do something like condemning the west actions ? Are you going to keep quiet because those got killed are not Christians ? Or are you going to do something because those got killed are human beings ? Some people had commented that I am anti-west. This is not true. I am against any killing and bullying by the west in many countries. I am against any action that brought misery to human beings ( whether Christians or non Christians ) in any countries. I am against any war. I am against the west justifying all its actions in many countries when in fact it brought miseries to others. I am against fighter pilots dropping hundreds of thousands of bombs from the sky onto human beings on the ground. I am against many provocation by the west to start a war.
PD User at 2012-04-0780.58.205.*
There's not a God that created people, the earth or the moon . It`s the people who created all the gods. But God's idea, seems to be a need to many people. And some take advantage of this fact.
PD User at 2012-04-06220.255.1.*
It seems religion could be likened to Trojan horse when the believer does not practise what he/she believes. Who can bear being dominated by a fellow man/woman for everyone is Equal in the eyes of God Whom she/he believes.
Tony at 2012-04-0481.111.1.*
I live in England, a country which is also tolerant of the many religions. Most of the U.S. is not so tolerent, their government and media give a bad representation to muslims, therefore as a country they have no grounds to make claims about other countries.
PD User at 2012-04-0376.124.224.*

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