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Regional organizations contribute to world pattern evolution

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

15:41, March 27, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

As the by-election of Myanmar Parliament is around the corner, many Western countries believe it is a test as to whether the democratic reform of the government of Myanmar can meet the "standard", and they have associated the election with the lifting of sanctions against Myanmar

Western countries' sanctions against Myanmar were no longer in force and can even be said to be a failure. Since the turbulent situation happened in West Asia and North Africa, the Western countries become wilder about the promotion of diplomacy and maintenance of the so-called "standards" on the problems of democracy and human rights by sanctions.

Although Western countries kept putting pressure on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the ASEAN did not yield but kept diplomatic relations with Myanmar. The efforts of the ASEAN have produced positive results on promotion of changes of Myanmar. Since 2011, the ASEAN and its members have repeatedly called for the western countries to lift the sanctions against Myanmar as soon as possible.

The development practices of the ASEAN make it clear that deepening regional integration can alleviate the inner contradictions between the member states and gradually find a peaceful way to solve complex problems. The so-called strong intervention especially the sanctions by the power outside the region tend to make the problem even more trouble.

After the end of the Cold War, regional cooperation worldwide shows a momentum of vigorous development and the strength of regional organizations grow stronger and stronger. In Asia, the ASEAN strengthened the internal integration and economic vitality and became the main power of driving the region's economic development. In South America, the Union of South American Nations accelerated the integration process and strived to issue a greater voice in the international arena. In addition, the African Union and League of Arab States also strengthened their internal relations and made many attempts to solve the internal conflicts and contradictions.

The development of these regional organizations both promotes the evolution of the world pattern and becomes an important part of the new pattern. Many small and medium-sized countries joined together and changed their passive situation in international relations. The rise of the regional organizations will undoubtedly change the structure of international relations and make a positive impact on the transformation of the international order.

In a long period of time, the Western countries will be dominant on formulating international order and standard of value and even the imposition of sanctions, which are conflicted with the pursuit of regional organizations and it will be a phenomenon that cannot be ignored in the current system of international relations. Regardless of how long the game will last, the overall trend is clear and the trend of world multi-polarization is irresistible.

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CK at 2012-03-27124.13.92.*
Prosper thy neibours, this is the best win win siuation and strategy that China must whole , especially, for the ASEAN countries. The weaker countries (unfortunately Japan and S Korea have to be included ), in S E Asia could not withsatnd the pressure from the west, especially trade sanction and currency sabotage, they bend over in silence unless countries like China toagether with India and Russia can assure tham the a safety net of economic growth and security ensured from the west"s attack. else they just give in to west"s insistent of less friendly from China or just believe in China"s power consipiracy theory. Now is the best time for China to do it as the west fiancial crisis is a good bargaining time, US may play rough, but not for long if China knows just how to tackly and expose the game. Go after the fisher not the bait.

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