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US' human rights violations

By Eric Sommer (China Daily)

09:13, March 26, 2012

US media and political figures constantly attack China for alleged human rights violations, while conveniently turning a blind eye to human rights violations perpetrated by the United States in the name of its war on terror, for instance the use of torture at Abu Ghraib, the illegal detention of suspects at Guantanamo, the apprehension and extrajudicial transfer of individuals from one state to another, and the unauthorized surveillance of citizens are just some the US' well-documented human rights abuses.

And as important as rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of press, and freedom of religion may be, these rights pale in significance beside the most fundamental of human rights, which is the right to live, with its corollary of security from actions or conditions which threaten life, such as military aggression, criminal acts, or similar threats that put people's lives at risk.

With this in mind let's compare China and the US, to see who is the real human rights violator.

US military forces have been responsible for thousands, possibly millions, of civilian deaths around the world in the past decade.

While there are no accurate figures for the civilian death toll in Iraq, household surveys have been conducted asking Iraqis to list the family members they have lost and the results then extrapolated to the total population to give a nationwide estimate.The prominent British medical journal, the Lancet, ran into a storm of controversy when it published an article by researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore which extrapolated the results of a survey of a randomly chosen sample of 1,849 households to the total Iraqi population and estimated that there were 655,000 deaths between April 2003 and June 2006. Yet in 2007, the British polling firm Opinion Research Business surveyed 1,720 Iraqi adults and extrapolated a figure that was even higher - a "minimum of 733,158 to a maximum of 1,446,063" - Iraqi civilaians killed.

The independent UK-based research group, the Iraq Body Count, which only counts civilan deaths where there is documentary evidence, such as cross-checked media reports, hospital, and morgue records - which is likely to be the minority seeing as so few bodies are recovered - has a minimum civilian death toll of 105,753.

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Libertyhound1776 at 2012-03-31141.0.8.*
Thank you for this article. And you can also add my country"s HR violations, against it"s own citizens inside the US, so many we can"t count them. According the FBI, Now someone here might be a "terrorist" ( LOL ) if we wear "blue jeans", or pay cash for a cup of coffee, or have more than a week"s worth of food in your own home. Or grow a garden or help a neighbor with food, or use the internet, etc. The only "terrorists" in this country, are politicians in Washington DC. But that"s what they are calling the average citizen now. It"s gone absolutely insane.
Seriously ? at 2012-03-2994.201.228.*
Is the author of this article a high-school student ? This article is very poorly written. The claim was there will be a comparison between US and Chinese human rights. The author made a lot of questionable assertions about the US human rights record and made little attempt to compare to the Chinese record.
PD User at 2012-03-28110.175.8.*
The US hypocritical and selective invocation of human rights is directed not at upholding the genuine rights and interests of working people in Syria, Iran or anywhere else on the planet, but rather at preparing new wars that threatens the lives and welfare of millions. It ignores its own serious human rights problems, but has been keen on advocating the so-called ‘human rights diplomacy’ to take human rights as a political instrument to defame other nations’ image and seek its own strategic interests.
wende at 2012-03-2671.255.86.*
The basic fact is that the west has controlled most major media and that these media are controlled by the ruling class. The reporters will not report the bad news from the west but they will harp on bad news from other countries. China should rightly inform the world of the truth and pierce through the western form of lies which are covered by such term as "collateral damage" when they refer to civilian deaths. The latest killing of 17 Afghans has been silenced in western media. China should keep tab of this incident and bring out the truth loudly and widely throughout the world.
PD User at 2012-03-2614.99.40.*
world science now china shld take care off as world is in stretching of entire tree(like everybody is stretching on its own)seeing focus will be on darkness science and aliens methods and ufo.i have universal intelligence.

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