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Is morality improving or declining in China?

By Feng Hua, Yang Yan and Wen Suwei (People's Daily)

16:15, March 15, 2012

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

Different moralities and values intertwine and collide amid China’s economic and social transformation, creating a complex situation in which there are poignant, moving, anxious, and hopeful moments.

Are we really undergoing a moral landslide? How can we protect the natural goodness of humans? How can we build the socialist core value system? Morality construction has become a hot topic at the annual two sessions of China's top legislature and political advisory body.

Most people remain inclined to do good deeds

“Admittedly, moral decline has occurred in some areas, but that does not mean the overall morality of the Chinese nation is declining,” said Zhou Youma, president of the Ma Haide Foundation and a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. It is important to maintain a sense of crisis and solve problems from the outset, but we cannot generalize or mistakenly judge the overall situation.

Anshan city of Liaoning province is the place where Lei Feng used to live and work, and is also the hometown of Guo Mingyi, who has been called a “modern-day Lei Feng.” This city may provide a glimpse of morality in China. There are some 300,000 volunteer participants from all walks of life in the city’s “Learning from Lei Feng” campaigns, accounting for one-fifth of the city’s total population.

Ba Furong, director of Anshan Medical Association, said that the city used to be frequently hit by blood shortages. However, more and more local residents have been moved by Guo’s good deeds, and blood donation vehicles are often welcomed by long lines of volunteer donors. “Many ordinary people I know have developed a habit of doing volunteer work in their spare time and helping others. In addition, Guo Mingyi has more than 7.2 million micro-blog followers, showing the great popularity of kindness among the Chinese people,” Ba said.

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Aiuy at 2012-03-2324.215.200.*
China definitely must have a very high moral society. Humans without morality becomes animals.
ming chu(USA) at 2012-03-22108.71.88.*
the moral values of the Chinese living in China is improving but the Chinese living in America is not . Why ?.....because the Chinese in the Motherland has traditional morality but alas we in a foreignland has none .
Arthur Borges at 2012-03-22219.150.142.*
The trouble with morality is that it has to be affordable for the poor.Then there are changes in social mores, largely in response to new lifestyle options carried over the Internet and to economic pressures.

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