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Foreigners: China's economic development contributes to the world

By Liu Gang, Jiang Anquan, Sun Tianren and Lv Pengfei (People's Daily)

13:28, March 15, 2012

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

As the economic globalization is progressing, the connection between China's economy and global economy is becoming tighter. More foreigners have expressed their admirations on China's economic achievements. They generally believe that the global economic development cannot go without China and the healthy and steady economic development of China is a huge contribution to the world.

A doctor from the Hanoi University of Vietnam told People's Daily that China's economic achievements have astonished the world. As the globalization is accelerating, the mutual dependence between China's economy and global economy has also strengthened. While China is developing its transformation of economic growth mode and its economic structural adjustment, China's economic development is also becoming steadier and injecting new energy into the regional and global economy. In a general environment where the negative impact caused by the international financial crisis still has not completely disappeared, China's steady economic development gives the world's confidence on the early recovery of the global economy.

Doctor Martyn Davies, former Executive Director of the Confucius Institute under the Stellenbosch University of South Africa and the CEO of Frontier Advisory, an African consultant firm, said that after the global financial crisis broke out, China showed a high ability to handle economic mess and confirmed its national image as a responsible power. China currently is not obsessed with developing hard power such as military force, but keeps showing its soft power, using its economic and cultural muscle to build up the international relations, which should be positively confirmed. China's national image of a responsible power is more reflected from the economic area.

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