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Truth about Tibet is slowly coming to light

By Gao Lei (Global Times)

08:08, March 12, 2012

Some 2,000 pro-Dalai Lama Tibetans marched in New York Saturday to mark their so-called "uprising against Chinese rule" in 1959. In March that year, millions of serfs were liberated from the harsh rule of the Dalai Lama after his failed military attempt to restore the farmer slave regime in Tibet.

With the Tibetan question emerging in recent decades, as a politically motivated international media has increasingly scrutinized this holy land, the original facts have been twisted to serve the purpose of the Dalai group and his Western supporters.

Tibet, which was struggling in severe poverty 53 years ago, has been painted by the Dalai and his supporters as a Shangri-La with seemingly no secular troubles. This heavenly world was only interrupted when the CPC stepped in in the 1950s, according to their theory.

If this heaven ever existed, it only did so for the Dalai who enjoyed a life of luxury at the expense of millions of serfs stripped of basic freedom. After his attempt to restore theocratic rule failed, Dalai went into exile and chose a road smearing the CPC's governance in Tibet.

Thanks to the diligent work of historians and scholars, the truth about Tibet has gradually resurfaced. According to their research, as well as eyewitness accounts of people who lived in the region 53 years ago, Tibet, contrary to many foreign people's wishful thinking, was practically a living hell back then. Serfs, accounting for around 95 percent of the total population in Tibet at that time, were forced to shed sweat and blood for the sumptuous lives enjoyed by powerful lords like the Dalai Lama.

After 53 years, Tibet has undergone tremendous changes. If the Dalai Lama truly cares about local Tibetans, he should feel happy for them, as they are living a much better life than they did under his rule, and religious freedom is being preserved as much as possible.

But the Dalai, reluctant to see his influence being eclipsed day by day, is resorting to more extreme approaches to attract attention and manipulate the media focus by encouraging the self-immolation of a few monks despite the fact that violence is forbidden by Tibetan Buddhism.

Monks and ordinary people are being used for his political purposes; it was the case 53 years ago and remains so today, though it may still take a long time for Dalai sympathizers to recognize what's truly happening in Tibet.


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PD User at 2012-03-19216.143.60.*
so is your pope!
PD User at 2012-03-19216.143.60.*
Hey Jason did you really earn Ph.d? cos you are more ignorant than those marchers!
PD User at 2012-03-13220.255.1.*
lazy monks and nuns
MichaelC at 2012-03-13112.115.6.*
That the fools in Europe voted to recognize this beast with the Nobel Peace Prize clearly shows their continued colonialistic arrogance. That the USA continues to support this beast is unconscionable. The history of Tibet was well documented by foreign travelers to the region. Some chose to paint rosy pictures - feel good books sell well. Others chose to bravely print the truth from their personal observations. NO caste society has historically treated its members with respect - and that includes today"s India, the Catholic church (reeling from decades of child molestation coverups) and more recently, the USA - suffering from the modern socio-political-economic castes.The western media continues to incite unrest through incredibly biased reporting - making famed agencies such as Reuters and AP nothing more than propaganda rags.Kudos to China for its long-suffering toleration of this beast, its minions, and its cast of deluded supporters - or, in the case of the USA - known support of an historically evil regime - but the USA has a long history of supporting corrupt, repressive, violent, sociopathic regimes.
siga at 2012-03-1384.15.44.*
Poor Gao Lei, for sure it is very difficult for him.Do not give up ;)

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