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Safe food not just for champions and govt officials

By Xu Ming (Global Times)

15:30, February 28, 2012

The General Administration of Sport of China, in preparation for the London Olympics, reportedly asked national team members not to eat meat from outside to avoid mistakenly ingesting forbidden drugs and promised a special supply of ingredients to guarantee food safety for the athletes.

To most people, the first reaction might not be due to the worry of Chinese athletes being suspected of doping but rather concern over omnipresent food additives.

It reminds ordinary people that, unless you have special access, the meat you buy in markets probably contains clenobuterol hydrochloride (CH).

Many netizens cried for the same standards and attention to be paid to ordinary people's food.

"Special supplies" are not new in China. Last year, there were reports about many State organs planting vegetables outside cities for their staff. Several departments in Zhejiang Province were also discovered to be enjoying special supplies of food of much higher quality.

It is painful for the public to learn that special supplies are not a rumor but a reality.

If officials can keep away from foods tainted with hormones, CH, and chemicals through special supplies, you cannot expect them to treat the problem of food safety seriously. In this sense, if the relevant departments continue to stay with their health and interest unaffected, the food safety problem could linger for good.

This kind of supply guarantees the safety and health for a particular group of people, but also helps hide long-lasting problems in every link of the food production chain, from farming to processing and supervision. Like other social problems, the present stop-gap measures cannot completely cure the food safety problems. In contrast, it to some extent might prevent the problems from being thoroughly solved.

However, there might be a silver lining. Special food supply indicates that Chinese people are capable of creating safe food with enough determination and motivation.

It is said that all the meat for national athletes that are preparing for the London Olympics must go through strict detection and supervision. If possible, we hope relevant departments can treat ordinary people like athletes and be seriously responsible for their health.

On the opposite side of special supplies are ordinary supplies. It is hoped that one day, this difference will cease to be.


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John at 2012-03-01113.239.228.*
You have destroyed you air and water. Your land is polluted far beyond any cleanup. Yet you worry about food safety. you are already dead, fall over

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