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Finding out truth crucial to resolving Syrian crisis

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

15:39, February 22, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The prolonged conflict in Syria has caused heavy civilian casualties, but the major powers are still seriously divided over the way to resolve the crisis. The international community needs to reach a consensus based on certain basic principles, and to take practical and effective measures to save the Syrian people.

The immediate end of all acts of violence in Syria, especially the violence against innocent civilians, should be a starting point for resolving the Syrian crisis, and is undoubtedly more urgent than the political reform, power sharing, and religious integration in the country.

Every tragic incident where civilian people have been killed will become an obstacle to future peace talks among all opposing parties in Syria, and lead to the deterioration of the situation and some dramatic changes. Therefore, every such incident should be investigated quickly and thoroughly in order to deter violence. This will also help the international community reach a consensus and play a more active role in resolving the Syrian crisis.

At present, the situation in Syria is considered vague to a large extent. Parties to the conflict have made entirely different explanations about the developments, especially about the violence against civilians. At the end of last month, the Arab League made a decision to withdraw its Observer Mission from Syria. It is reported that the United States has been using unmanned scouting aircraft circling over Syria to collect the evidence that the Syrian regime is suppressing the opposition. It is hard to say whether or not the scouting aircrafts in the high air can find out the nature of the conflicts in the blocks, but it is obvious that U.S. military intends to forcibly intervene until the Syrian regime is overthrown.

Only after knowing this background, can we fully understand the significance of the Chinese diplomat's visit to Syria. The Chinese officials not only met with the Syrian officials, but also contacted the opposition representatives, so as to thoroughly find out all respects about the complex and sensitive situation and the appeals of all parties. Regarding the Syria issue, the Chinese government will be aboveboard and highly responsible. China has no intention to shield any party, but will base its policy on the merits of the matter itself and stick to the basic norms in handling international relations.

To find out the actual facts is the key to a solution in the Syria issue. The United Nations, as the most authoritative and most representative international organization, has its responsibilities and obligations on this issue as well as considerable room to take more actions.


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shhngr at 2012-02-2658.35.6.*
So we need to knw the truth, and only China has "not only met with the Syrian officials, but also contacted the opposition representatives, so as to thoroughly find out all respects about the complex and sensitive situation and the appeals of all parties" and will "has no intention to shield any party" Any chance of telling us what crucial truths they uncovered?
Maximus at 2012-02-25134.147.198.*
The truth is that Bashar al-Assad made a stupid mistake that believing that his father's brutal and murderous method in suppressing legitimate protest is the right way to handle protests. Obviously he has no brains and incapable of recognizing the fact that there's a new generation of Syrians who are not passive and submissive. While the West, led by Washington, is attempting to take advantage of the unrest to put its own people in power, Bashar Assad cannot remain in power. He is a murderer and has lost his legitimacy and moral right to govern and represent his people. At the same time, Washington should be prevented from controlling ad influencing the situation and putting their own people in power thereby undermining the democratic process. Civil war is not the answer. it is in Syrians' interest to have a peaceful, honest and orderly election to vote in their own representatives to form a new government. That should be main aim. A civil war will cause many deaths and may drag in Russia and China this time. These two countries do not want to further encircled or contained by a Washington controlled regime in Damascus should Bashar Assad loses the election.
Calig at 2012-02-23109.77.240.*
The US do not care how many Syrians die either as long as Assad is removed from power.
Fred at 2012-02-23110.175.8.*
Assad is not the cause of the violence. He wants peaceful negotiations but the West rejects peace. The West wants a puppet regime and to fuel the violent protests, most likely they are the ones shooting the protestors.
Hammad Sethi at 2012-02-2392.40.253.*
As a Muslim and as a human being it is very difficult for me to see any other Muslim getting hurt, be it Shia or Sunni, or even any other human being for that matter. But we know that these Western powers are only interested in regaining their tyrannical hegemony over the rest of the world, and they are least bothered about the well-being of Syrians, and them even being Muslims also. We also know that this Western crusade is a continuing process, and before Syria it was Libya, after Syria it will be Iran, then Pakistan, and then maybe Russia and Saudi Arabia. How can we forget that Obama in his Presidential campaign boasted that he would bomb Mecca and Madina after he won the Presidency. These Western Crusaders support the persecution of Muslims in Palestine and Kashmir, they have just carried out a genocide in Iraq and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people and destroyed the country, they are carrying out a genocide in Afghanistan and they are going to leave this country in shambles as well. They have left Libya in shambles in the middle of nowhere with thousands of innocent people killed. And we know that these Western crusaders are least bothered about carrying out these atrocities, and these thugs are even proud of their service to humanity. Tunisia is the only country that managed a peaceful change, and only because no outsider tried to impose their will on Tunisia. I think that China and Russia are doing a decent thing, and we Muslims should be thankful to them from protecting another Muslim nation from all out genocide. We should try and guide Syrians to find a Syrian led solution to their political problems. Thank you so much Russia and China. Thank you.

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