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China's stance on Syria crisis can withstand test of history

By Qu Xing (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

16:40, February 21, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

China voted against a proposed Syria resolution at the United Nations General Assembly after saying "no" to the same proposal at the UN Security Council previously.

Some noted that if the resolution passed at the Security Council on Feb. 4, Syria would not experience the same conflict escalation as today.

However, such an argument is based on the assumption that as soon as the UN Security Council resolution passed the resolution, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would start power transfer according to the resolution and political talks would be launched immediately. This is what the Assad regime resolutely rejects.

The Assad regime should hand over power within two weeks according to the timetable under the Arab League framework. Assuming that the Security Council resolution was passed, there is a possibility that the Assad regime would move forward at any cost after being pushed to the corner. The conflict in Syria would surely be worse than the present.

The visit of Zhai Jun, China's Deputy Foreign Minister and special envoy of Chinese government to Syria, is another diplomatic attempt of China to promote political dialogue on Syria. The messages sent by Zhai during his trip can be summarized by five key words: concern, stopping violence, dialogue, cooperation and Charter.

First, the Chinese government has expressed its serious concern to all parties concerned in Syria. China is deeply worried about the fact that continuous conflict escalation and civilian casualties are undermining regional peace, and believes that such a situation must be changed immediately.

Second, China urges all parties concerned in Syria to stop violent behaviors at once. China has condemned all kinds of violence against civilians on many occasions, including the Syrian government that controls the country's armed forces, and the rebels who seek to overthrow the government through violence, in particular, the political forces that plotted bombings in government agencies. Only when all parties abandon violence, can civilian be actually reduced.

Third, China advocates the immediate launch of "inclusive political dialogue with no preconditions attached," which is the key to ensure the start of Syrian political process. "Political dialogue with no preconditions attached" means that everything is possible as long as all parties concerned reach an agreement.

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Ming Chu (US) at 2012-02-2975.210.57.*
The LINE has been drawn in Syria.....those who support Assad , please stand to thiis side of the line ; those who oppose Assad , stand to the other side . We now know who you are , who are your friends supporting you . IT IS CLEAR ......there is no turning back . It is now a civil war , a classic proxy civil war .....Putin is returning as Russia president .....well , you know where he stands on the line .
PD User at 2012-02-26122.107.51.*
And that is why the army has stopped shelling residential areas.hahahaha
Dan at 2012-02-25217.165.112.*
This is one of the best decision China made to date regarding international issues. China and Russia effectively prevented more bloodshed, death and destruction in Syria. You denied US, NATO, the West and the Sunni Arab countries license to intervene militarily in Syria. Job well done!!
Ron at 2012-02-24113.231.244.*
Iraq govermant official- who says that China cannot sell arms to Syria. China can sell any arms that it wants to anybody that it wants. Unfortunately for you, President Hu is too smart for that. He knows that supplying more weapons is like throwing gasoline on a fire. Unfortunately for you, President Hu is much smarter than you are
Iraq govermant official at 2012-02-2271.174.116.*
China has every right to sell weapons to Syria. Why US can sell weapons to Taiwan but China can"t sell weapon to Syria? After all Syria is a member of UN.

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