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Is West genuinely trying to 'save' Syria?

By  Andre Vltchek (People's Daily Online)

15:03, February 21, 2012

At the end of the last week, Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Zhai Jun travelled to Syria to renew diplomatic dialogue with Syrian leadership, after both Russia and China vetoed a UN resolution proposed by the West and its allies in the Arab world, which was de facto calling for President Bashar al-Assad to resign.

As the Chinese diplomats were travelling to Damascus, Western mainstream press had been turning increasingly vitriolic and hawkish. Official discourses coming from the Western governments did not sound any more conciliatory. The leadership of Syria was repeatedly condemned in the strongest language possible and there has been continuous snapping at the two powers that managed to block the proposed resolution.

One should probably ask: what role is the West really playing in the conflict? Is it trying to find solutions or is it igniting the crises?

And what would the people of Syria have to pay back to Washington, London, Paris and other ‘players’ if the Assad’s government would be deposed? Even though the majority never asked for any help and probably supports the present government, it would be definitely presented with the bill. “The West”, Congolese presidential candidate recently told me, “doesn’t have friends. It only has interests.”

By now it should be obvious that the West is not known for its altruistic considerations. It does close to nothing to rescue the worst suffering countries, simply because most of them are actually suffering as a result of Western economic and geopolitical interests.

If charity would be the main goal of the foreign policy of the West, the bloodbath in Congo/DRC would end many years ago - the slaughter that took between 6 and 10 million people and is performed by close allies of the US and Europe and their multi-national companies. And the plundering of the mineral-rich Papua would also end already several decades ago.

Some 40 to 45 million people world-wide were killed after the WWII in colonial, post-colonial, neo-colonial and imperialist conflicts led or triggered by the West: in Indochina, Indonesia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Oceania. One could excuse those who do not necessarily trust those sudden outbursts of compassion towards the people of Middle East and would rather give peace in Syria a chance.

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Ron at 2012-03-0550.102.160.*
The Legitimate Opposition in America is the Occupy Movement. Are the member nations of the United Nations prepared to defend AND SUPPORT this opposition ?
Ekki at 2012-02-2995.208.121.*
Nice article.You do not have to be an Einstein to understand what is going on in Syria. You even do not have to be one to understand what is happening in economics here in Europe and who might have an interest to destroy our unity.The sad thing is that we here in the west have so-called mainstream-media that at best simply tell us only half of the story. Ommitting the other half results in a wrong story.The "good" thing about the wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria is that I as a German start slowly putting the pieces of a puzzel together: What happened to my country after the world wars. How could my culture be destroyed to an extend that our culture became a mixture of disneyland and banana-republic following his master"s voice. Where have all our critical and theoretical minds gone?Keep on writing, I just discovered your journal some days ago. I will come back to this web-site.
moncho2718 at 2012-02-28186.176.74.*
The veto by Russia and China has succeeded in preventing the U.S. and its allies continue to make progress in their plans for world domination. What happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya cannot be permitted that happen to Syria or Iran because that would encourage the U.S. and its allies to intervene directly against Russia and China, risking a Third World War.
Pianki at 2012-02-2697.91.176.*
The U.S and her NATO Posse has caused havoc amongst the Muslim countries and would like to do the same with China. All these years the US has been getting ahead by way of its toxic debt financing monetary system which by the way they want to see expanded throughout the world. White Americans can not stomach Chinas rise. In the media all you have heard for the past 3 to 5 years were commentators asking the question "what are we going do about China"? As if for China to burst forward economically she should get permission. The NATO Posse has been propping up corrupt leaders in Black African countries for decades, as witnessed recently with Cote d’ iVoire. France continues to rein oppression in the former Franco Phone countries through its infamous CFA Pact. What could easily be titled Monetary Slavery is how France systematically controls and robs those CFA countries by way of currency controls. Recently U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron shows a "bullying mentality" by threatening to cut aid to countries where homosexuality is illegal, such as Uganda. The Obama administration previously announced that the United States would use all the tools of American diplomacy, including the potent enticement of foreign aid and covert operations, to promote gay rights around the world. You hear rants from the likes of Senator John McCain to provide military arms to assist rebellions in regions which are not just limited to Syria. This and much more would make one wonder just who is the enemy and what is their agenda.
PD User at 2012-02-25124.13.105.*
And the Secretary of States is in Tunisia with "Friends of Syria" trying to put on a brave face condemning Russia and China of their veto in UN and tell the world of the killings in Syria!Dear, dear, she can really act, blatantly too! And sadly there are see greenhorns out there for her to deceive!What a pathetic world!She should go back and fix her own problemsss back home rather than to put on a silly act for the world to see.

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