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China, India should treat competition rationally

By Hu Zhiyong (Jiefang Daily)

15:53, February 20, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The Fourth Meeting of BRICS Leaders will be held in New Delhi, capital of India in March. Indian Foreign Minister Somanahalli Mallaiah Krishna recently visited China. Representing the Indian Premier Manmohan Singh, he invited Chinese leaders to visit India during the period of the Meeting of BRICS Leaders.

In recent years, China and India's cooperation has made significant achievements in various areas, and both countries have maintained good coordination and cooperation in dealing with major international affairs, including border issues. During the meeting, the two sides signed a negotiation and coordination working mechanism for border issues to deal with emergencies on the border, paving the way for the Indian Foreign Minister's visit to China.

Of course, we must clearly realize that, despite the improvement of the bilateral relations in these years, the voices of fearing China, voices suspecting China and opposing China could still be heard in many places in India. But these voices cannot change the mainstream viewpoint of India. Far-sighted governmental officials of India propose to desert the Cold War mentality and rationally consider competition between China and India to promote the development of the China-India relations.

The world has entered the second decade of the 21st century, and the development of the China-India relations is being tested by the United States' strategic adjustment in the Asia-Pacific Region, which will have a complicated and in-depth influence on the future of China-India relations.

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AgreeToDisagree at 2012-02-24124.82.46.*
BRICS should cooperate and not compete to ensure their eventual dominance of their rightful regions.
Mishra,India at 2012-02-21195.229.241.*
I agree with author on the Uni polar issues and having a far sight ,just to correct that India is not part of U.S.-Australia-India cooperation ,India has refused to be part of any military bloc to contain China.Indo-Japan-US dialogue exists but China is onboard with India on that.U like it or not but governments will always suspect each other therefore people to people contacts is the way forward,BRICS is strategic move and we must align it with SCO.There should be BRICS youth meet where youth can exchange ideas as well.
Ecky at 2012-02-21182.68.222.*
First come Mr. Bush just 2 months ago in India,issuing statement, US is China"s Enemy no. 1 and India no.2.Than US Defence personal issued statement twice in last 1 month,India is preparing limited war with China...Provoking CHINA and India...These FOOLS in US need to understand these are quite old tactics(Raise conflict,mistrust between nations,lead them in to war and than rule them).Only hope of saving US ecomnomy is a war between these 2 great nations China and India.Citizens of both countries are wise,can"t be provoked by US.....PEACE....PEACE and PEACE.
Lal Rai at 2012-02-21110.174.180.*
Since Nepal and Bhutan are sandwiched between India and China, strengthening of mutual trust between these Asian giants certainly will have some impact.The only hope is that this strengthening of mutual trust will translate into dispelling of distrusts of their two sandwiched neighbours.
ASEAN at 2012-02-21220.255.2.*
India is always China"s friend.China is always India"s friend.Both has been friends for thousands of years.

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